Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Grand Theft Auto...

Today started out pretty much like any other day. I tried to sleep as the Dynamic Duo licked me into awareness. When I opened the front shutters I noticed a car parked on the street that empties into my driveway, an unusual sight, as there is usually a vacant street looking at me. About 50 yards down, there was an old Honda parked there with an apparent flat tire. I assumed there'd be someone by soon to repair it. At about 10 AM, the clouds burned off and the sun came out and I developed an early case of Spring Fever. I looked longingly at the red convertible sitting unattended in my side yard and knew we'd both feel better if I took the top down and took it for a ride. My first stop was the mailbox at the end of our street and on the way back, I noticed a car pull up to the abandoned Honda and make ready to change the tire. As I pulled closer, I could see it didn't have a single tire on it. The man that was attending the vehicle gave me a friendly wave and I waved back, although he didn't look like he belonged in this neighborhood. How judgemental of me huh? He was dressed in dirty jeans and his pants were falling down and was unshaven. Then I thought about how I might look doing the same task and relaxed a little and made my way over to him and offered him my floor jack.

He introduced himself and told me that he lived about a block away and the police had just called him to tell him that his car, that was stolen 3 weeks ago was found and it was right here near my house. He had gone to a wrecking yard and purchased 4 tires and wheels for it and he needed to get it home. Well, he was a neighbor, putting all of my fears of dealing with a car thief to rest. Together we got the 4 tires onto his car and I offered to follow him home to allow him a second trip back to his second car that was parked near my house. Sid, my new friend, accepted and offered me his card. Sid owns a flag shop in downtown Phoenix and his wife works as a pharmacist for Fry's nearby. Sid is bringing me a flag tomorrow for the front of my house for helping him. I told him I wouldn't accept a gift for helping a neighbor in distress, but he insisted and told me I'd find it on my front porch tomorrow morning whether I wanted it or not. Cool, huh?

Since I already had my floor jack out and my Corolla needed an oil change and I had the oil and I had the filter, why not? I pulled the Corolla into the garage and jacked her up into the air and made ready for the change of fluid. Things were going along rather smoothly when I realized that the oil filter for that car is so tiny, that the oil filter wrench that I have was way too big for it. It was probably less than 2 inches in diameter. Using a large pair of channel locks, I loosened the old one and threaded on the new one, however I didn't feel it was tight enough, so I gave it a little turn with the channel locks and proceeded to pour in about 4 quarts of oil. After 3 and 1/2 quarts, I started the engine to fill the oil filter with oil and checked it again. To my surprise, and let's face it, I'm still NOT that handy, about 2 quarts of the oil that I just pour into my Corolla were now on the garage floor! What the???? There was a puddle about 3 feet wide under the car and oil was ripping from everywhere. I threw a towel down under the car, I laid down next to the puddle and saw where the main source of oil was coming from. The OIL FILTER with the hole in it, that I popped into it with my stupid channel locks. SHIT! I looked down at my shirt, the one that Julie had just bought me the day before and it was dripping with oil. I ripped it off and used it as the first of many towels to wipe up this mess. This was officially the LAST time I change the oil at home, EVER!

Right in the middle of my disaster, my home phone rang and it was the Lovely Jules' phone calling me. Not her, just her phone. This was the third time her phone has taken the liberty to call me, all on it's own. I say hello and listen to her work on plastics. No conversation, just working going on in the background. I think her phone has a crush on me! See why I like my old phone? It doesn't call anyone without me!


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C.A. said...

Not your NEW shirt, Mel. Good Lord. Poor Julie. She's trying so hard to get you into the 21st century and you keep inching back! :)