Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday found me full of anticipation. Here was the plan. Because the "Lovely Jules" has had my extra car for over a week, it was time to turn it back in to me, before she started thinking it was hers. I also have a 61 inch TV, that the "Lovely Jules" is very jealous about, because all she has is this tiny screened HD TV planted in her family room. She never misses a chance to tell me how my 61" TV is such an antique.

Around 1:30, the Dynamic Duo alerted me to an intruder in my driveway. I quickly grabbed my gun (actually Julie's) and headed outside to see who was there. To my surprise, I found the "Lovely Jules" on her hands and knees picking up the contents of a bag of groceries, that had spewed themselves about my driveway. Yet another compromising position for St. Jules... I put my gun away and immediately offered to help. I was amazed and impressed at what she had gone to the trouble of buying and cooking for me and my dogs. She had cooked me a meatloaf, plus meatballs and pasta sauce, all kinds of things to make Philly Cheese Stake sandwiches made with Fillet Mignon for a filler! Awesome stuff that only a woman can think of and create. She brought avocados for dip and salt free chips, plus salsa and oodles of other things. She even brought 3 LB of raw hamburger meat for the Dynamic Duo to have cooked and added to their regular kibble. Jules explained that Super Bowl Sunday is for dogs too!

The grass didn't get a chance to grow under her feet, as she immediately started putting things together for dips and peeled veggies. Hey, it was a party!!! The next hour found us standing around the kitchen island eating anything that didn't walk away from us, while Julie made a banana cream pie. She actually has learned her way around my kitchen, because she was interested in finding out just where most of her Tupper Ware lived. My kitchen is really getting that "lived in" look lately.

TIME for the GAME! We gathered in front of the TV, while st. Jules only mentioned that you can hardly see my picture only once. Julie won the kick off flip and I took the Giants and Jules chose New England, but quickly flip-flopped when the Giants started winning. I tried explaining that we can't have a bet if we both take the same team, but the "Lovely Jules" didn't want to hear about it. So, cheering simultaneously for the Giants became the way of the day...

At the beginning of the 3rd quarter we hopped into the borrowed car and headed to Julie's house to be with Pawpaw, who had been alone most of the day. He was pleased to see us as he ran in circles to show his enthusiasm. You know for a boy with terminal cancer, he sure enjoys himself!

I hand cranked Julie's HD TV and put enough quarters into the slot for us to watch the remainder of the game. We got it warmed up just in time to see the winning pass by Eli Manning, my new personal hero. We jumped, we cheered, we screamed our success and looked around to see the faces of the people we had won our bet from and remembered there weren't any. That was the only let down... It was by far the best Super Bowl Sunday in history..

Later that night after the "Lovely Jules" had passed out, I climbed into my Toyota and noticed that St. Jules had filled up the tank. Hey, she cooks and she's even got class! I drove home watching all of the drunk drivers heading east on the 101 try not to crash and there were several of them..

Here's to you, young Eli!


C.A. said...

Mel, you are one lucky, lucky man.

Please stop tarnishing my pristine image of Julie with these stories of her jumping you in the car and being on all fours in your driveway. She IS a Saint, you know!

Well, a saint who hasn't posted much on her blog lately.

Fabulous Super Bowl story. Thank you.

Jules said...

Hey Cindi!! Is that a complaint? You too, are a bit guilty of sparse posting. Step it up girl!

Mel, great story though the general public should know that had we not come to my house to watch my beautiful High Defenition TV for the end of the superbowl, we would have completely missed out on the excitment. That winning pass by or boy Eli would not have been the same on your 1 dimension black and white Curtis Mathis :)

Mel said...

Cindi Ann:

If Jules wants to be on all fours in my driveway, who are we to judge? It makes her happy.


The next time you rent a TV from Rent-a-Center, be sure to ask for the one without the quarter meter system. That's just tacky!


Jules said...
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