Monday, February 4, 2008

Taming of the Shrew...

It was Friday night and date night presented itself. St. Jules had already surprised me by making reservations at our beloved Tutti Santi's on the West side, currently our favorite. I had already thought about making the reservations, but Julie beat me to the punch. Eight o'clock was the designated hour and as a rule I'm NEVER late, but between a call to Dr. Zaharia and having to iron a shirt, I barely slid into the driveway at St. Jules by 8:05. We had prearranged to have Julie waiting in her driveway as I screamed up and she was lucky not to break a bone jumping into the open passenger side window. As I said, I'm NEVER late!

The ride to the restaurant was rather hurried with other drivers insisting on using some of my lanes, but we made it. When we walked in, it was surprisingly slow and for once our reservations weren't even necessary. We were seated by the blond that wore the fake wig and aways looked a little dirty and unkempt.

There were only 3 tables filled when we walked into the room known as the "party room". There was a family of about 8 and the other table besides ours was occupied by a strange group. It was 4 men and 2 women. Julie was completely occupied by their conversation and they were unpleasantly loud. When they finally left the lack of noise was noticeable.

Tom, the new guy, was our waiter. Not only was it Tom's first day, but he suffered from a short stature and bad breathe brought on by gingivitis, or rotting gums. Tom tried his best to simulate an Italian accent, but his East LA origin stuck out like a base voice amongst a choir of sopranos...

Mateo's Chance to Shine....

Mateo, the son of Lao the owner, was there tonight and it seems that 10 years have passed since he first arrived in AZ from Italy when he was 17. Now he is a strapping 27 year old young man with energy and the gift of gab that he evidently inherited from his dad. Mateo charmed everyone with his story about coffee beans and the significance of being served 3 beans in your Zambuca, that frankly escaped me, but I enjoyed watching him tell the story, as his father has done many times before.

St. Jules ordered the oysters in the half shell (unrinsed) I offered to drag them around the parking lot for her, but she politely declined. Did I ever mention why we go to Tutti Santi's for every possible meal? Tutti Santi's makes Julie amorous! I'm not sure if it's the atmosphere or the food or the elegance, but she cannot resist the joint! I have to fight her off of me during the meal! It's embarrassing!

We both had the Chicken Parmigiana. It was delicious to say the least, but the "Lovely Jules" could only eat about 3 bites after the oysters and bread and wonderful squash soup. We took our leftovers home and they're still in my fridge here. Julie insisted on paying the check, leaving stinky old Tom an obnoxious tip of about $30. We headed back to Julie's domain and when I stopped at a red light, St. Jules unbuckled her seat belt and jumped my poor bones to the delight of the 2 old maids in the car next to us. See what I mean about Tutti Santi's???

Stay tuned for the Super Bowl celebration report! It was SHOCKING!

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