Monday, February 25, 2008

This Boot Ain't Made for Walking...

I haven't posted for awhile, as I wasn't sure what to write about. I've been in touch with my friend Randi, she seems troubled. She's sleeping with 2 different men named Glen and Glenn and her former boyfriend found out by tapping into her my space page and called her a whore. She wanted to know If I thought she were a whore and I told her absolutely not, as long as she's not getting paid for it, right? What's a My Space page and how does one tap into one? Randi is considerably younger than me and I'm happy not knowing the answer to many of these urgent questions.

Gail, my Canadian friend, is happily living out the balance of her retirement up in a place North of Toronto that she refers to as Paradise. She and her husband Alan and Great Dane, Logan are on 23 acres residing in an 8 bedroom house with their own lake and expecting their second Dane as soon as it's litter is thrown. (Thrown is dog talk) My guess is that cabin fever with bring them back into civilization before too long, possibly keeping this wonderful resort like home for a summer getaway. Wait and see...

The Lovely Jules is on a marathon work schedule with everything relaxing around Wednesday this week, affording her a 5 day weekend for us to play with. I had lunch with my son Brad today and he's on a work schedule that is doubling his workload for the next 60 days. He looks tired and is talking about buying a franchise of sorts. During the time that we were eating chicken fried steaks at Bill Johnson's, his cell phone rang no fewer than 15 times while he ignored it and just ate.

Friday night, the Lovely Jules cooked me a dinner fit for a king, of Oven roasted chicken with a mushroom sauce and Spinach Something-or-other. It's a spinach dish cooked up with a cheese and baked inside a giant croissant' loaf. I'm sure when she reads my description of this dish, she'll enlighten me about it in the comments section. Saturday we awaited the beautiful weather we were expecting for weekend and it actually never showed up until today Monday, when everyone was securely back at work. Sunday, I didn't give the Lovely Jules a chance to cancel due to her nagging case of the flu, but instead, showered and hopped into my car and it automatically drove to the home of the Lovely Jules, whose initial response was, "What are you doing here"? I explained that if she were going to feel lousy, at least she was going to feel lousy with me around and she quickly became her old self, wearing jeans and a sweater and a smile. We headed to my car lot to change cars and headed off in a vacation Dodge van, to Cave Creek for a day of tourism and fried chicken at the Horny Toad. Everything was ideal and Julie was feeling 100% better with the exception of our waitress' jeans were much too high and too tight and we feared she would die of a severe irritation before she could deliver our perfectly fried chicken. We were in luck though, as she delivered our chicken and didn't die until she got back into the kitchen, as we never saw her again. With full stomachs and two Styrofoam boxes we started our day of tourism and picture shooting as chronicled by the photos included. We seemed to be particularly attracted to a giant cowboy boot, as you'll see. I named the boot "Julie's Booty". Although she liked the name I chose, hers is nowhere near as big!

We finished the day by going to a Safeway where Julie told me about hamburger being on sale for $1.50 a LB. Around here we call that Great Dane food. Sunday night found us leisurely laying around watching the Oscars, but channel surfing as that is just not our kind of show. All and all the weekend was great and a good time was had by all. I never did hear about that pesky fly again, not until at least when I get it!



C.A. said...

Mel, you are so good for Julie. :)

Also, congratulations. It appears as if some of my relatives are reading your blog after stalking mine, too! We are so lucky, aren't we?

Hope your day is going well...


Randi said...

Obviously, this blog was fictitious!