Saturday, June 27, 2009

Book Review

It seems that at some point in my life or another, I've always observed women. I've observed them in many ways, but one of my favorites, was when the auto manufacturers combined efforts with the oil companies to create self serve gasoline stations, when the auto manufacturers hid their gas doors behind the rear license plate, causing the female self serve customer to bend over shamelessly exposing their un-haltered bosoms. Yes girls, we noticed!
Another favorite of we boys was to observe quietly when you ladies sun bathed. There was no telling what surprise was in store for us, but we surely watched. It was while watching this display that I personally observed that sun bathing women liked to read novels by Danielle Steel. I went through my entire life not knowing what they found so mesmerizing about this author, but it was certainly one sided. I NEVER knew of a man that read a book by her and if he did, he certainly didn't do it in public.

Being of pioneer make up, I decided to take this task upon myself and this is my report of that book, "The Rogue". First let me preface this with, I was shopping at Costco when I stopped to look at the book section. My first find was a book by Patricia Cornwell and I had read several of her books in the past, so I scooped that up. Next I saw the Verdict by John Grishim, but since I'd heard such awful reviews of his latest effort, I decided to pass on that one. I did purchase another John Grishim book however. Last was my purchase of a Danielle Steel book that is the subject of this writing.

I only have 60 pages to go, so giving it up is out of the question, but I have never read such a bunch of one sided female propaganda in my life. I have to assume that the target audience is a bunch of male bashing preteen to twenty year old women that really have no idea of how the world really works. Ms. Steel has represented the immature female reader in a story book fashion making the heroine, the female that played the strongest role and men were just a constant hindrance in her life. She creates unrealistic scenarios of the male lead being a self made multimillionaire boy of 46 with the IQ of a rodent, that does not happen in real life.

The female lead in this atrocity in a world renowned Psychiatrist and her second male lead is also a doctor, but a fool that has the nerve to get uppity because his new fiance' wants to sleep with her ex-husband. The second male lead is portrayed as only an Internist and clearly doesn't understand the ways of the world. BULLSHIT!

The book was entitled "The Rogue", has a flat black cover and is as masculine a packaging as I've seen in a book. I must admit that "I bit", but since it was at Costco, I feel salvation in knowing the price was only $4.59. Even at that price I feel I overpaid!

I have GOT to get a real LIFE!


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Ya think?

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If you want to read anything better than her writing, read up on Steel's could certainly provide basis for most of her works...Now there's a lady that knows how to live!!