Monday, June 22, 2009

Seething for $4.

I just came from Fry's Crooked Market. I needed a few things that were categorized under eating. From the flyer, I noticed that they had orange juice on sale, along with rib eye steaks for $3.87 a LB. I'm out of everything, so a little shopping excursion was necessary.
I learned many years ago that you cannot trust the supermarkets. When you see a sign that says New York Strip Steaks $3.99 LB, never believe the ones on sale for that price are anywhere near the sign. I can't tell you how many times I've fallen for that one. So today, when I had trouble finding the rib eyes for $3.87, I asked the young butcher where they had hidden them. With a grin on his face, he said right here under the sign. I was shocked, but then I saw that at that price I needed to buy an entire hunk of meat that was uncut and $76.00. They got me again. The ones that were packages in 3's were $4.87 LB, so I just settled for those. I bought the orange juice and some nice tomatoes and when leaving, I saw Kroger sliced 2% cheese slices for $2.31 for about 15 slices. My mind went immediately to cheeseburgers as I grabbed a package. BIG MISTAKE!
Just now I was sitting and eating my cheeseburger and looked over to my left and saw the receipt for my shopping. Milk $1.37- tomatoes $2.41 Cheese $5.69 WHAT??? The stinking cheese that was melted on my burger was $5.69. How did that happen? I ran to the fridge and saw that I had purchased Kraft, not Kroger brand, as they were right below the sign... : (
Foiled again!

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