Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Still Waters Run Deep and Make a Mess Too...

I tried a new experiment. Not being a scientist, I really have no business experimenting, but it seemed to be the right thing at the time. Last week I met a woman for a drink. Upon entering the establishment, she was awaiting me in the foyer of the place and approached me asking if I were me. My first reaction was that she was shockingly average and not at all what I expected. Why was I expecting anything? Here's my theory. I'm supplied a photo and in this case the photo was taken from quite a distance insuring her anonymity. Therefore, my mind was required to appoint a look for her, which I did. Naturally in my mind, I created something I would like. None of this is her fault, I did it on my own. Are you enjoying my broadmindedness?

We sat down and I was able to learn more about her and frankly, she was a very nice person and I thought, I'll bet she's the kind of woman that grows on you. When I left our initial meeting, I wasn't decided on what my reaction was and gave it some thought. I decided that I could have done worse and wanted to see her again. Usually, if my initial reaction isn't satisfied, I don't look back and move forward. Call it my gut instinct. I learned that Clara was in the middle of moving and was pretty busy, but decided to squeeze me in on Saturday night after she finished. Remembering my first impression wasn't yet satisfied, Clara showed up and immediately asked if she could take a shower at my place. Of course I said yes and offered her towels and toiletries. She said no, she had everything she needed.

About 10 minutes later, Clara came out of the restroom looking similar to a drowned rat with dripping hair, asking for a hair dryer. No problem was my answer and accommodated her. After, Clara sat down and explained that her former boyfriend, that beat her, that just got out of jail for his second felony DUI, that she has entered into buying a house with, that has threatened her life and she has a restraining order on, is her business partner and she's about to walk away from this house and let it go back to the bank to escape his wrath. Now why didn't she mention that before taking a shower and save me a little hot water? Do you think that changed the temperament of the moment? Do you think I looked at this hard working O.R. nurse the same after that story? Do you consider me shallow? Did I give her enough of a chance to prove herself to me? No, I'd heard enough. Getting involved with people that have drama is supposedly behind me. I don't need it, I don't crave it and I won't have it. Today I wrote a Dear Clara email and ended any misunderstanding by merely mentioning that just wasn't "feeling it". OMG! By the way, she left a mess in the bathroom!

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Anonymous said...

Have you considered letting someone else pick a mate for you? Your picker is damaged beyond belief! I shudder to think that men like you are lose on the streets of matchmaking...does the Jewish faith have monasteries??? And not that I've ever been in your bathroom but now I know I never want to step in there. And how do you go from a drink/coffee to hey, can I take a shower? What part of "NO!" are you not getting? Remember "Top Gun"? NMS :)