Friday, June 5, 2009

Couch Potatoes


I guess it's time for an update. The Lady from Spain that I adored, I don't adore her anymore. When the dust settled, she was just another foreigner with a Spanish accent, that I had to squint to understand. But I did make contact with a life coach. I don't know yet what a life coach does, but I've got a life and clearly need coaching, so here we go again. This lady's name is Kathi and is closer to my age at 58, but doesn't seem to look that age. I'll fish out a picture somehow.

Then I got an email from a lady name Dee this morning. Dee is a 51 year old nurse at Mayo Clinic that found me right after I joined the dating service in April, we've spoken but not met. She wanted to know if I was still interested and with the Spaniard gone, I'm more than pleased to. Met an interestingly intelligent lady from Prescott that became a widow at 45. She's 49 now and so far a good pen pal. That's the rundown on the lack of a social life.

On Wednesday of this week, I got a call from the Lovely Jules. She had crawled out from under the pile of rubble left from her renovation, painting and re-carpeting and was all excited about going furniture shopping. I checked my daytime schedule and it had an opening, so what the hell? She comes walking in like she owns the place, as usual, insisting that I take her out for breakfast before I go through the insults of the day. We ate at Village Inn, always a mistake. We watched a perfectly good young Hispanic waitress get chastised for some damn thing, by the know nothing wasp manager. When he was through, she looked like he had beaten her. She just had that forlorned look on her face. I gave her a wink and a smile and was pleased when she smiled back, walking away.

We left the restaurant with 2 free pieces of cherry pie "to go". Who knew it was free pie Wednesday? I insisted that we drop off the pie at my house while we shopped so it wouldn't spoil in the heated car. Knowing full well that LJ would never remember to get hers before leaving for home. Guess what! I was right! From my house we headed to the Christian second hand store, where LJ volunteered to work one day a week, selling second hand furniture. The guy looked at me and said they had an opening for a driver too. I guess he didn't know a Jewish boy could lose his circumcision by volunteering at the Christian Store. I politely declined and informed him that the Lovely Jules was a known shoplifter here in AZ and has done plenty of time! He didn't know what to say, poor guy. LJ assured him that she had just picked me up hitchhiking and that my word wasn't reliable. I'd be willing to bet that LJ doesn't get that job as a volunteer.

From there we headed to J & K Furniture where the Lovely Jules fell in love with a burgundy sofa. Praise the Lord, our day of shopping was over! She drove me home to get to her house to make ready for the delivery, leaving quickly, sans her pie (LOL). My day was complete.

Breaking News: Just got a call from the Lovely Jules to tell me that she's going to be a grandmother for the third time. Her daughter Niki is due in January. Congratulations to the expectant parents.........and LJ!


Jules said...

Quit stealing my shit. First the pie, no the pictures.

Jules said...

can you fix my typo please?

Things I Left Behind said...

Nope! Remember when I put a comment under the wrong post? We're even now!

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