Monday, June 1, 2009

Lady from Spain I Adore You...

That song keeps coming to mind after today's date with Maria. After what seems like a long day for me, starting off with an 8 AM appointment with my cardiologist, I drove home about 10:30 AM, only to get stuck on Tatum Rd for 20 minutes while they repaved it for next years tourists. I sat there patiently, but I couldn't say the same for some of our other citizens that threw u-turns and chose another route. At the end of the race, we all tie.

I arrived home full of energy for some reason and decided to tackle changing the tire on my Expedition that decided to just sit there and go flat. I hadn't driven that car for weeks, it just sat in my driveway and one day while taking out the trash, I noticed it was looking a little low on air, but not enough to concern myself with it. About an hour later LJ pulled up and announced that my tire was flat on my car. I laughed, explaining that I'd just checked it and it was low, but fine. WRONG! It had the nerve to go flat that very hour since looking at it. The valve stem just gave up on it when I tried to fill it, it just came off in my hand. Strange.

So, today I jacked it up, took off the wheel and took it to Discount Tire where they really treated me well and for free. Naturally I gave the guy a generous tip and he actually acted like he appreciated it. Their business was noticeably slow. While waiting for my tired to be repaired, I moseyed over to Wal-mart, that is a post all of it's own usually.

While wandering through Wal-mart, I thought of a party game that couples could play to entertain themselves for an evening, similar to a scavenger hunt. The hostess or host of the party sends the participants out to get a specified item at Wal-mart and they have a time limit, lets say 30 minuted to find it or find an employee that knew where it was stocked. My quest was to buy myself a new toaster, as the one I bought from Target for $6 finally gave up after 7 years. That comes out to 85 cents a year, not too shabby, eh? So after searching the square mile store unsuccessfully, I found an employee kind of hiding out chatting with a fellow clerk. This girl was about 20 years old and acted like I was rude for joining in on her private conversation, even though I began with "pardon me". Without warning she took off running at a pretty good clip as I yelled to her, "Am I supposed to follow you"? She yelled back, YEAH! I THOUGHT YOU KNEW THAT! Trying desperately to keep up, eventually she found the toasters. I picked out one for $6.30 perfect. The only problem was, when I got home I tried it and the openings are too short for large slices of bread, but for that price, I can't complain.

After eating a sandwich that was 1/2 toasted, I called Maria to see if she wanted to finally meet me. This poor woman lives about an hour away from me, but works right by my house in Scottsdale. Don't think for a minute that I wanted to lose the chance of catching her on my side of town. Maria called me at 9:30 on Saturday night and invited me out to meet her for a drink. She was in Avondale and I'm in Scottsdale. As recently as 6 months ago, I would have jumped at the opportunity to meet a woman that has already had the advantage of a few cocktails in her, but not me. I told her it's almost 10 PM and by the time I shave, shower and get dressed and drive across town, it'll be too late. She apologized saying she didn't realize it was so late. I hung up saying the words, Stooopid, stooopid, stooopid as I slammed my forehead.

So I put on my sexiest jeans and headed over to the restaurant to meet her. As I pulled in, I got a call saying she's just leaving the office, she'll be about 10 more minutes. I waited in front so I could bolt if I didn't like her. That wasn't the case. She pulled up in her BMW and got out of the car with one voyeur watching closely. Great shape, pretty face and about 5' 4". (By the way, the bogus picture I posted on my recent post was not Maria, I just wanted to see if I got any comments about my taste in women)

We drank diet Coke and wine for about 2 hours and got along pretty well. The high spot of our meeting was when the waitress kept coming back to see if we wanted to order. Neither of us were hungry, so I announced rather loudly that we were on a date and were just trying to get to know each other. The waitress walked away laughing and when I looked over at Maria, she was a rather bright shade of mauve, fanning her face with her menu. I kept saying what, whaaaat?

All and all we got along fine, I thought, but you never know until you call to see if your call is welcomed. Mine was and we agreed that we got along pretty well and should see one another again.

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Anonymous said...

Mel, I almost made a "Pete Burns" comment like I did a month or two ago about one of your' other dates, but held off, in case you are getting much less picky these days.Glad to know that isn't the case. Don't they say "eh" in Canada?