Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Miss the Sopranos...

Tonight I watched 60 Minutes. It was the John Gotti Jr. Story. Watching, I immediately fell in love with that lifestyle. You know, living in the streets, prostitution, gambling, drugs, the mafia and people getting "whacked". Although John Gotti Jr was nowhere near the man that his father the "Dapper Don" was, he was still interesting. If that wasn't the case, the TV show the Sopranos wouldn't have been the box office hit that it was for HBO. Honestly, I couldn't tell where John Gotti stopped and Tony Soprano took over. One was real and the next created by a writer.

John Gotti Jr. was the only man ever to be released from the Cosa Nostra alive. In his 60 Minutes interview, that lasted an entire hour, he had to have his lawyer present to censor the questions he could answer and it was even mentioned that the FBI was going to watching his interview very closely.

Myself coming from Chicago, I married into a family that was heavily involved in Chicago, Mayor Richard J. Daly Sr.politics and I knew of things that took place that would make your head spin if you knew. Similar to the New York Italian mob families, Chicago had it's own private club, rest assured. It was called the Daly Machine.

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Jamie said...

I LOVED the Sopranos...and wish so much they would bring it back.

Your Chicago tales sound interesting. Someday, you will have to tell all.

Happy Memorial day.