Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Farewell to St. Jules...

Ever since the Lovely St. Jules and I parted company, I've been worried about meeting someone that would be as good a fit as Julie. Seldom do we meet people that we "click" with the way that St. Jules and I did, but that is over now.

Enter Mona P. Fisher.... Mona is a friend of a friend and the moment that we met, I knew it would be a long relationship. Where Julie was crabby, moody, and sometimes less than accommodating, Mona is happy, charming, always in a good mood and open for anything and everything. She's open minded, attractive and built like a brick shit house, to coin a phrase from the past. Mona is fashion aware, a great cook and happy to be spending time with me. She's career oriented and has a great work ethic. Although Mona is pushing 50, she looks and acts like a much younger woman. She's well balanced and knows a little bit about most topics. You can take Mona anywhere and be proud of her.

Be prepared to be hearing a lot more about Mona in the future...


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