Monday, June 30, 2008

War Report...

Almost everyone has heard of the war between the states. It was the war between the North and the South, the North was victorious and it's over. I am involved in the war between the West and the East, not a popular war, but it's my war with the Lovely Jules... Friday's parting was friendly but total and complete. She picked me up, we went to lunch, she drove me to her house where I was able to extract my kidnapped car from her garage without incident. We hugged, I left and was done, finished, complete... As I think back, I'm not sure why we broke up, but it was eminent that we did.. I spent a quiet weekend trying my best to find a quick replacement on Craigslist, but to no avail. During this past weekend, I don't think I showered, might have brushed my teeth, but maybe once a day and when I went to bed on Sunday night, I was wearing whatever it was that I was wearing on Friday night. Get the picture? Slob... I never had the occasion to turn on my cell phone in that time, as I had it forwarded to my home phone.

During this weekend, although I had thought about Julie several times, I didn't call or write or text her anything. When Monday morning rolled around and I was leaving the house, I switched on my cell phone and it had 2 text messages for me waiting to ring in my morning. They were both from Jules and they both said goodnight. I texted her back asking when she initiated these two texts and she replied Friday and Saturday night. I briefly explained that I never turned on my phone and I was sorry. Then I left for my day. When I got home, I was thinking about the Lovely Jules and texted, "Have you started missing me yet"? She replied, "Yes, of course,....sob". Now, my question to all of you, my 3 readers, do you thing the "sob" meant she was sobbing or was she calling me a Son of a Bitch? When I called and asked, she said for me to figure it out! My other question is, was her texting me an implication that she was giving in first, or was my phone call the original "giving in"?

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