Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Where there's a Will there's a Way....

I've been face with a real dilemma. I've got several cars that require garaging and only space for 2 cars in the garage. I tried parking the Toyota in my driveway in the sun, but when I get into it, the steering wheel is too hot to touch for quite some time. This is not only dangerous, but painful... The cars that require garaging are the seldom touched Corvette, the 99 Cabrio convertible and the Volvo convertible that I will be picking up from the Lovely Jules, soon. In exchange, I'll be leaving her the Toyota leaving me 2 convertibles and a Corvette to keep at least covered and protected from the sun. If you don't live in Phoenix in the summertime, you just don't have any idea what temperatures can be achieved by leaving a car in the sun. Believe it or not, 175 with direct sunlight will make a dashboard curl up and scream for it's Mama. The attached picture is my Cabrio convertible parked on my rear "covered" patio on Saltillo tile.




Wide Lawns said...

We have that problem in Florida too. Sometimes I have to wait for it to cool down to drive because I can't touch the steering wheel. Sometimes if I'm wearing a skirt the seat is so hot I can't sit on it. I know people who put towels on their seats for this very reason.

Anonymous said...

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