Saturday, October 25, 2008

She was GREASY.....

I had a lunch date on Thursday that didn't go too well. What a surprise? Here's how it unfolded and why it wound up like it did. For a long time I had seen this woman's picture online, but in it she was wearing sunglasses and frankly that's the same as not having a picture posted. One evening last week, I was cruising the website looking for someone of interest, when I spotted a pretty face. When I stopped and examined her photos, I discovered that this is the lady with the sunglasses and she finally took them off. The photo with the glasses was there as well. It said in her profile that she was 5' 2" and of the Jewish faith. Why I'm attracted to the Jewish faith is beyond me as time after time, I just disappointed, in spite of the fact that I was raised Jewish?

In her profile she mentions that she works for a published author and is also a substitute teacher. She seemed pretty clever in her profile, so all things being equal, I decided to shoot her off an email. Eventually she responded and we were off and running, only she wasn't running. It was more of a quick walk. I'd respond to her email and she'd wait a day or so to answer me back. When we finally spoke on the phone, I found her less than interesting and I bordered on not calling her back a second time.
Here was the low down on Sybil, that was her name. No wonder Julie thought she might be crazy! Sybil went to the library to respond to my emails. Not only did she lose the job working for the author, but she seldom worked at subbing either. Basically she was unemployed and needing. She was supposed to be 50, but I did some research on her and found her on other dating sites and she was also 51 and 52. Is that possible??? So I knew her age wasn't accurate, like so many people on the sites, myself included. On 3 different occasions I deleted her number from my cell phone and 3 times I saved it back. Finally, on Wednesday night I returned her call from 2 days prior and decided to give her one more chance. When we were summing up, she told me she was free all day usually and it would be nice if we had lunch some time. I said, great that's a plan. I'll call you in the late morning after some of my wrinkles have a chance to hang out and we'll arrange a place to meet.

Here was another turn off. Sybil has a 12 year old son and she was never married and her ex-boyfriend doesn't pay child support. This whole thing is sounding more and more desperate. She's only been in AZ for 4 years and the reason that she moved here is because her elderly mother (meal ticket) moved here when her father passed away. Thank God she had someone, huh?

The eventful morning arrived, I knew it would and I had anything in my mind BUT meeting her for lunch. Three different times I picked up the phone to cancel and 3 times I didn't thinking, I'll give her a chance. I dressed for my lunch date. I wore tan colored slacks with a floral Hawaiian shirt and dress shoes. By the way, before leaving the house, I went to a website that lists peoples names, addresses and phone numbers and it often gives their ages too and Sybil was 56.

I arrived about 5 minutes early, my typical MO and waited out in front enjoying the 80 degree temperature in the sun. After about 10 minutes, a rather short, unkempt woman approached me and greeted me. I was pretty disappointed with this 4' 10" little person wearing week old jeans and a raggedy T-shirt, toting a hooded sweatshirt. I couldn't help but notice that when she stepped off the curb, she bumped her ass!

We entered the restaurant and were seated. She took off her sun glasses and revealed wrinkles around her eyes that accommodate make up left over from the late 1950's. To say that Sybil didn't dress for success was an understatement. She looked greasy, like someone that hadn't had a shower that day and her hair was in a ponytail, but it was falling apart. Her hair was also greasy and had about 3 inches of gray coming out around the roots. She looked homeless! I'm not picking on the homeless either. If it weren't for her "better than she is" attitude, I wouldn't even have mentioned it. You know, I'll be a son of a gun, but I forgot to tell you about her big pot belly. I'm sure it was just baby fat, her boy is only 12.

When the check came, she made no mention of it as I quickly picked it up and paid it. I walked her to her vehicle and again I was shocked. Mom sprung for a new Nissan van!
You know, I really didn't need to be thanked for lunch......... so she didn't!

The Dating Guy (still looking)

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