Friday, May 15, 2009

Broken Hearted...

Thank God because I live alone, I can't bore anyone with how much I miss my 2 best friends, Bogie and Zoie. This morning, shortly after I came down the stairs and turned on my cell phone, I received a call from Linda, the Great Dane Rescue lady. She was panicked and rambling on. She said, let me get right to the point. There's a litter of Great Dane pups, not ready to be taken from their mother AND the mother that need fostering, can I take them? She's desperate and called everyone that normally helps her with such emergencies and without success.

My mind went reeling back to a time in 1979 when I first split up with my first wife and we had a pair of Great Danes ready to deliver a litter of pups. My wife split and left me to deal with the delivery and the puppies, plus work my business. That was a time when having an extra pair of hands would have come in handy, as well as an unlimited supply of paper towels! Somehow, with enlisting the help of the woman next door, I made it through that crisis situation mumbling, "Never again".

With regrets I had to decline Linda, as I refuse to get myself in that dependent situation at age 63 and still single. I'd need a vet, which I don't have any longer. Mine sucked. I thought of the sleepless nights with puppies howling and a new mother unfamiliar to her surroundings and all that dog shit. You folks out there in blog-land haven't any idea how many calories go through a Great Dane puppy in one week, times 8. I just sort off got my life back and the idea of being trapped in this house again depressed me.

While I was summing up with Linda, I received 2 incoming calls and one voicemail. It was from a gentleman named Frederick Hin Cho Plao trying to buy my car and the second was from, now get this name, Victoria Longoria telling me she was on her way to see the Echo that we'd talked about all week. I returned the appropriate calls and told Frederick to get his butt over here with the cash and told Victoria Longoria that it wasn't meant to be.

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