Saturday, May 30, 2009

Passing Another Ship in the Night...

Maria 48yrs.

As my continuing saga of searching for a mate continues, let me introduce you to Maria. Maria, not to be confused with the pot smoking Maria of the same name. That Maria got sent back to the 1970's where she belonged. The new Maria originates from Spain and is as exotic as you'd expect a European to be. She was raised in Spain, lived in Italy and came to the United States at 21 to be the wife of her military husband and remained with him for 25 plus years. She is recently divorced, past all of the animosity that comes with a broken marriage and was divorced for 1 year yesterday. Maria came to this country, not speaking our language, having no friends and couldn't even order a meal in a restaurant without the help of her husband, a local boy from Illinois. Since then, she's gotten her degree in school and has become a CPA, completely self supporting. Marie has the finest sense of humors I've seen in a very long time and her accent actually enhances her personality. She's sweet, wholesome and wears a size 2 dress, I checked. Marie and I have spent about 5 hours on the phone in the past few days and I'm starting to get attached to her. As I told her through a text message just a little while ago, "It's almost a shame that we have to meet and ruin everything, as I'm having a ton of fun with you". She offered to have just a cyber affair, but I declined when she said she likes spankings! I'm thinking tomorrow might be a good time to meet. I'll keep you posted.

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