Sunday, May 3, 2009

What I Learned about Relationships from my Dogs...

Although my 2 friends have crossed the Bridge now, they have left behind their legacy imprinted in my mind forever more, on how to live harmoniously with a mate. Who dreamed that this would take a pair of wonderful Great Danes to teach their mentor the meaning of happiness.

When the Dynamic Duo joined my household, it was larger by one. They didn't arrive together, but in installments. First it was Bogie, who was discovered at 3 months and about a year later Zoie came on the scene, at 7 months. At first, like any couple, it was all play and no responsibility. They romped from morning till night playing tag, stealing toys from one another and generally just enjoying life. They played hard and crashed into a pile together to sleep the dark hours away.

Eventually, their relationship took on another flavor, responsibilities. Bogie declared himself the protector and whenever a confrontation erupted with a third party, a stray dog while on a walk or a new dog at the park, Bogie let Zoie know in no uncertain terms that his job was to represent the Dynamic Duo in war. He did this with a mild attack on Zoie, all verbal, when she tried to be the aggressor. Soon, everyone had their role. Bogie, almost 3 times Zoie's size could easily have overpowered her when it was time to eat, but knew his place when she softly growled and showed her teeth. He developed a respect for her, as primitive as it was. Although Bogie didn't like being touched by her, he let her come over and groom him, while turning the other way showing with body language his dislike of the process, but he never was aggressive towards her, ever! He displayed patience and that was the lesson I learned... They each had learned respectively that neither was perfect and they just endured those flaws.

In the middle of the night, when Bogie wanted to sleep at her side, she wouldn't complain, but would get up and sleep on the sofa, like any wife would. (Bogie snored) In their senior years there was a hidden bond, like any human couple, that they would be there for one another. One day, and Zoie didn't really ever understand, Bogie was gone and Zoie, in her grief could no longer find a reason to live and suddenly passed away, leaving behind a well taught lesson. Having known these two, I am a better person.

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Very well said.