Monday, May 11, 2009

No Sale!

Michael sans Mom

So it's Monday morning and Michael and his Mom called to confirm their early morning appointment to pick up my Echo and take it to their mechanic. After me awaking at 7 and showering and shaving, I was completely ready for the Geek. He called about 8:30 and promised to be over in 30 minutes that turned out to be 1 hour. Mom and Mike rang the bell, but didn't want to come in. I suspect they we allergic to dust! I met them in the garage and offered the key and he told me that they'd take about 40 minutes to inspect it. He and Mom took off, not leaving their car here, which is a new first.

Two hours went by and I didn't get nervous because by now I had googled their phone numbers and found that the home phone belonged to M. Levine, probably Michael's step father. Michael's number generated this picture in an ad that read "Job Wanted". Forgive me for doing my assessment of the situation, but here is what I discovered.

An unemployed Mama's boy that was getting a gift of a car, so he could stop borrowing Mom's, who was silent, but clearly the brains of the duet. Michael was not a likable sort, offering no sense of humor and probably very smart if you could get past his horrible personality. I'd like to point out that this was NOT my first time at the rodeo. They offered me $6750 contingent upon their mechanic's inspection, then after they find things wrong that any car might have and want more money off the price, which was exactly Mike and Mom's game. Although we all lost, as no sale took place, it went something like this...

Two hours after leaving with my precious Echo, I saw him pull up in front of the house. He was alone. It appeared to me that Mom was going to let him go the rest of the way himself. I answered the door and invited Mikey in, but again was turned down. Mickey had a sheet in his hand and was intent on reading from it to me. It needs front brakes soon, he exclaimed! I told him that we both knew that up front as I had disclosed that to him upon leaving and also that I'd checked it out and it's under $100. Defensively, Mickey countered with it's gonna need rear shocks in the future and he's just not prepared to pay $6750 for it. My mind shot fast forward to: THAT'S ALL? To me that's a success story. A mechanic went through this car with a fine tooth comb (remember those) and all he could find wrong was future shocks and brakes? I was elated, and REALLY disliked Michael. That fake smile on his mug never made it to me. To me he was a snivelling weasel that brought his Mom with him everywhere at age 35, (I checked)

Michael stood there with the keys in his hand, with a weaselly look on his face, waiting for me to counter or ask what his new offer was in view of the fact that it needed ALL that work. Instead, I reached for the keys, smiled and said thanks, closing the door in his face. He stood there waiting for Mom in the sun and did I tell you we've broken the 100 degree mark 10 days ago?

This is by no means a success story, because it didn't end with Michael driving away with his new car. Just another frustrating day in the life of a car salesman.


Anonymous said...

Which picture is the real Michael?

Things I Left Behind said...

The seccond Michael is the real Geek. The first Michael was a typical Geek.. LOL to you too!