Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Thursday...

Although I've never encountered a harder car to sell, when life gives you lemons, why not make lemonade? The type of buyer that purchases a Toyota Echo, possibly the ugliest car ever designed are very particular. I offer them gas mileage as opposed to style and to make them realize what a bargain this car is, is somewhat difficult as gas prices wobble around $2. If gas was $4, I'd be raising the price, but as it is, I'm getting practical people that are looking for savings, even in the price of the car they're buying. I told one young Asian couple today that I'm firm at my $7000 price and they ought to hurry up and buy it, so they can start recouping that money with great 50 MPG operating costs. It was a great theory, I just wish they understood English.

A rather notable phone came from a man that was angry at me from the start. His call started with, "Are you the guy that's trying to get $7000 for that Toyota"? I loved him immediately. He continued with, "You should be ashamed of yourself trying to get so much for that car". I was silent (for once) He then went ahead and told me the MSRP of that car just doesn't warrant that price! He was pissed! I just wished that I could go to the shoe store where he worked and tell him his laces are all screwed up. I was silent for about 5 seconds and just told him, "Thanks for calling" and hung up on him. I'll bet he's one of those guys that drives slow in the left lane and enjoys the traffic building up behind him, yeah!

I got a rather pleasant call from a woman in Nogales, AZ. whose husband is driving everyday from Nogales to Tucson and back, racking up 150 miles a day. She says they'll be here on Saturday. Charming woman with a good attitude. (Better than mine.)

My favorite is Vickie Longoria from Davenport, Iowa. She's here staying in Tempe with her son and we talked about my car for over 15 minutes. She was the most sensible person I've talked to. She just needs everything to make sense. I needed to represent my price to her and explain why I was asking that amount for the car. She had already run a Carfax report on the car and it sucked. She was nice enough to email me a copy so I could explain it to her. She called me again today and we chatted for 10 minutes or so. She's coming tomorrow, as her son has the day off. I like her. I actually Googled her and she's rather attractive. She had a picture on Classmates.

Last, but not least was the nice Asian couple that showed up today, after a call 2 hours earlier. I'd say they were about 22 years old and could hardly speak our language. I used my best car salesman stuff on them, fully aware that they didn't understand a word I was saying as they nodded their heads in unison. They left in their rental car speaking in their native tongue. I know they were probably telling each other how nice I was... Right?

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