Friday, August 20, 2010

AT&T n Me...

I just came from doing the same run I did yesterday. Still locked out of my online bank account and still no phone service. First stop was the bank, since I couldn't call them to straighter this mess out and if you try to accomplish any-fucking-thing online, it takes a Philadelphia lawyer these days! Try as I may, dealing with ATT&T has become a nightmare. It asks for my username and password but doesn't acknowledge me as a customer. I actually joined a chat room accidentally, that discusses the depression of no phone service! HELP!!! Disgusted with my results, it was jump into the shower, shave off my beard of 10 days and try to look as credible as possible. I slide into Desert Schools parking lot right at noon, realizing I needed to get to someone before they leave for lunch. I was successful. The receptionist asked why I was visiting, as 4 other older men about my age sat there waiting for their turn. I told her I was locked out of my account and she said she could help me. Hooray, I hollered with my inside voice. Then she said, "Is it password or verification question"? I blurted out, "I should know my own father's birthday"! Smiling, she said she steers people away from that question because unless you supply it to the computer just the way you did when you supplied the answer, it rejects you. I thought about all the possible ways to represent a date. She said, there, that should do it, when you get home it will ask you a different question and if you're smart, you'll stay away from dates. Giving her my version of the "Stink Eye", I asked, you sure? She smiled and nodded, yes.

Next stop, ATT&T. Approaching the front door, I could see inside and did not see the young man I had dealt with yesterday. There were now 2 employees, one was busy with a young man that was a customer and the second was on the phone. The latter of the young men wore his hair in that long, not so adorable, fashion similar to Justin Beiber's. He put his hand that was not holding the phone, up to his other ear and produced the International sign for, "I'm on the phone"! WTF? You know, he pointed his thumb and pinky in out, hiding his remaining fingers. Thank God he did that sign, so I knew! He then put his second hand over the supposed mouthpiece and raised his eye brows that were hidden under his coif indicating he was listening. Realizing I might actually have his attention, I announced that I've been without service now for about 30 hours. Reassuringly, he told me it was a 3G problem that is just in this little area. I said, no it's MY problem along with ATT&T. He went back to his phone call..................Seeing no relief in sight, I left.

You know, it's little bit amazing to me, that there are literally thousands of qualified people unemployed and this is what you get to deal with in business today. The good news is, after filling out a new questionnaire for the bank and shying away from any birthdays, I was able to pay my bills. Whew!

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