Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vertigo and Crickets...

When I stepped out of bed yesterday morning, I stumbled and thought I was falling. Strange, but what I realized was, I was dizzy. Light headed, if you will? It wasn't anything I'd taken as my last drink was in January of 2005. No drug reaction because nothing is different just the usual blood pressure meds. First stop was to check my blood pressure which I've been remiss in doing and found it to be quite in line. Did my usual routine, but noticed that every time I got up, I was getting dizzy again. Around 4 PM, after a day that didn't create any hunger in me, I got the chills and a headache. I took my temperature thinking it was high and sure enough, it was about 100. I took 2 something or others. I ached all over and realized I was sick, but what was going to manifest from these symptoms? It wasn't until bedtime that when I tried to lay down that I went rolling down a steep hill from the inside of a barrel that I realized I had an inner ear infection and I was suffering from the dreaded Vertigo. I've had this problem twice before and it is awful. What happens is, your inner ear has fluid in it and in this fluid grows a cilia or short hairlike things that sense motion that gives you your balance. When the cilia are infected, they break off and create a sort of gravel in the inner ear, that throws off your balance when you move unexpectedly. It only lasts a few seconds, but what a ride!!! Kind of like having your own internal amusement park. Yippeeeeeeeeeeee.....

So I'm sitting here tonight, all alone and totally disgusted with TV that has the nerve to offer something called Big Brother and very little else. Since I cannot get myself to watch that, I go to the computer to see what's going on in the world. That quickly loses my attention and I settle back in the reclining chair that has caught my attention quite a bit lately. Somewhere, suddenly a cricket begins to chirp and is getting louder and louder. Try as I did to ignore it, it was somewhere very close. I searched for the bastard and if I'd found it, I was willing to crush it barefoot, that's how determined I was getting. Have you ever noticed how you can never locate where the chirping is coming from? I tried cupping my right ear and the sound disappeared. That's strange. In my old house once, I went so far as to look inside the air conditioning vents for them and found that spraying inside there stopped the annoying noise. * Note-Try to wait for the vent to stop blowing, otherwise it winds up in your face.

Wanting to learn more about my enemy and still VERY bored, I Googled "Chirping Crickets" and learned that the male creates this noise by rubbing his rear leg again his thorax very quickly to attract females. I played a You tube movie of crickets chirping and I'll be a son of a bitch, my cricket thought he had competition and quit chirping. Who would have dreamed?

Getting a bright idea, I dialed in and tried rubbing my leg against my thorax online, but didn't get a single wink! ................Hell, it works for Crickets!

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