Friday, August 13, 2010

Ben Quayle

I really prefer to stay away from political commentary, but something is going on in everyday politics now, that is not new, but none the less offensive beyond belief. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is not even running for anything, but cannot stay off the soap box long enough to be even missed. His obnoxious face is appearing to endorse the offenive Andrew Thomas for his campaign for Attorney General. Everyone attacks Barrack Obama, as if he were their personal whipping boy.

But the most ridiculous ad, is one by little Ben Quayle, the son of our misspelling useless former vice-president that annoyed us for several impossible years. He laughingly announces that Barrack Obama is the worst president is history. After stealing your attention, he goes on with post pubescent attempt to tell everyone that he wants to go to Washington and kick some butt. All I could do was laugh, similar to the way I might laugh if a little boy came out wearing a grown up's clothes. Check this out: http://


Anonymous said...

I have so much to say about this post...

The despicable Joe A just won a court battle for his illeagle campaign smears. He's not even on the ballot!!

So why is he spending money to campaign?? Because he want to be "king of the world.' This power hungry tyrant needs to be stopped. Why do the people of AZ keep electing him?


BTW, I'm proud of you for dipping your toes in the political arena. We are sick to death of reading about your women.... or respect for thereof.

Lippy Jim

Things I Left Behind said...

And that's the story of how Lippy Jim got her name!


Anonymous said...

As I said to you earlier, I miss the stories of the women so get back on that horse and ride! Leave the politics out please. I'm sick to death of this whole ball of wax called elections. I cast my ballot early yet I still get the stupid calls! I say vote em all out, get out of the Middle East, secure the border, loosen up lending, penalize the big banks for the liars they are and say a prayer for better days to come.