Thursday, August 19, 2010

Techno Flop...

Did you ever wake up and find that all of the technology in your life has failed? Lucky my bed still worked! When I awaken, there are only 2 emails awaiting me, a rarity. Generally, there are a slew of the little messages. One was from a 72 year old woman that was lonely and wondered if I danced and another from a lady I was very interested in, offering me her phone number...........finally. This information was on my Blackberry. Stretching and doing my morning routine, I fire up the Dell and see that I've got about 7 emails on the computer. Hmm..... Why didn't they make it over to me phone? Being a little savoy, I reboot the phone and send myself an email...............nothing. No little ding.

Now wondering if the telephone feature on my phone was working, I try to call voicemail, nothing.. Deader than Kelsey's nuts, as my old father-in-law used to say. I notice that there are no little bars showing and realize I have no reception and reboot again. No help. Suddenly my phone dings, indicating an email, but nothing is there and I realize it's a voicemail notice. I try voicemail again and have 3 messages. Holy Moley, I'm suddenly popular and can't communicate! One is from Hanna, a new flight attendant that talks about going to Hawaii for free and another is from poor Latisha, concerned about me, as I haven't returned her calls. I procrastinate, what to do?. I want to call someone and ask what to do, but then again, no chance of that. I shower, dress, eat something and look up where the nearest AT&T office is and I'm pleasantly surprised to see that it's walking distance. I drive over and because I like sensationalism, I approach the young kid that appears to be the only employee in the joint and ask him if he feels up to waiting on an old person? He turns red and says, sure! He asks what the problem is and I pull out the Blackberry, still shiny and announce it doesn't work. He stops me and tell me that there is a tower problem and to give it a few hours. Then he tells me that I'm the 35th customer to arrive with that precise same problem. Just then, a teenager, about 35 walks in screaming his phone don't work and he can't text or nuthin! I smile and leave.

I decide to take a ride and see if that makes any difference and sure enough my phone starts dinging and announcing voicemails, so now I actually believe the guy. I head home. I check my mail and see that I've got a couple of bills to pay. I come into the house and fire up the Dell again and attempt to pay my bills online as always. Only this time, after punching in my account number and my password, it asks me for my father's birthday. I figure they want to get him something! After that, it tells me that I've got it wrong. I try it 3 more times and apparently I entered it wrong when I supplied it to them and now I'm locked out of my account and cannot access my money. It tells me that if I feel that his was done in error to call the number shown...................but my phone won't work!

Now I decide to write about this awful day for technology and I'm sitting here and the satelite TV drops out, along with the Internet. Right now, the only thing that's working properly is my bed, where I'm going as soon as I finish this rant!


Jules said...

ya wanna come over to watch Big Brother? I'd hate for you to miss it.

I'm so glad the technology vortex moved to your house. It hung around here for the longest time.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that you actually have found a woman you want to talk to on the phone! Keep it up (You Watch Big Brother?) OMG... Get out of the house please!!!