Saturday, August 21, 2010

Smoker's Rant...

I must tell you that for the most part, the ladies that I write to on the online dating services are very nice. Some don't respond at all and that's to be expected. I received a brief note from a lady and I use the title "LADY" loosely. Her screen anme was something or other Tomboy and sports a man's haircut and men's atire in all of her pictures. She is 57. At 57 and you're still dressing like a man, there's a bigger problem than being a Tomboy, just my personal observation. I know I'm going to hear about this and there are exceptions, but for the most part, there is a sexual lack of identity.

She really didn't appeal to me and that's okay. I can't be attracted to everyone! I immediately noticed that she was a smoker and that is ALWAYS a deal breaker. She liked wrestling and NASCAR and country music, I'd read enough. It also said in here profile that she doesn't understand why men won't respond to her emails and does a little rant. This was my reply to her:

I must tell you that I read your entire profile and there were only a couple of things I don't like about you. Smoking is the deal breaker though. I quit many years ago and don't understand how people can continue, knowing it's lethal. I have an 8 inch scar down the middle of my chest to prove it.
Good luck to you. I didn't want to be one of the guys that just doesn't reply...

She felt the need to have the last word.

Well it's too bad that you had surgery for smoking, but I still don't get people who think that drinking is NOT A DRUG THAT KILLS ALSO??? I am the kind of smoker that can go without them for days at a time.....never smoke in front of non-smokers, and never smoke in my house either....nor does anyone else who comes over here.
But I DO understand that SMOKERS always get the bad rap nowadays......but they never outlaw alcohol that causes drunks to get behind a wheel of a car and kill off innocent people. I've never seen a smoker do that!!! Anyway, thanks for letting me know.....just had to comment.

There were a number of arguements I could have given her, namely "prohibition" and cancer related deaths due to second hand smoke, but I opted to choose my battles...

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