Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ralph Lloyd Juriansz-Whack Job!

I just came home from yet another visit with Lloyd, my faithful new dentist. The double root canal that he performed almost a month ago is still too sensitive to put the new crown on. To tell you the truth, I'm been more than a little concerned about Lloyd's business practices. More than once I've now called there to an answering machine saying to leave a message during normal business hours and no one returns my call. The last time I asked for Sabrina to return my call and it never happened. Today, Lloyd answered the phone himself and said to come in at 3 PM. The first thing I did was call my friend Lippy Jim, who I knew had received a crown the very same day he had his root canal and it wasn't my imagination that made me think that. I've been waiting over a month now for my 3 crowns. Add that in conjunction with I don't get a call back and I'm feeling abandoned by a guy that is holding my payment in full for his work and doesn't seem too interested supplying me with teeth!

I arrived promptly at 3 PM and sure enough, no Sabrina. I figured that would be the first $40,000 to save when things get tough, her salary. I casually said hello and asked if Sabrina was gone. He said no, she's around here somewhere, probably taking out the trash, but no eye contact and I figured he was too embarrassed to tell me the truth. A few minutes later, I heard a woman's voice and Sabrina appeared to take an ex-ray of my assaulting tooth. Here is what I learned. My former dentist, the worst dentist in the world, and I'm going to list his name so that someone else doesn't have to go through the same thing as me, Frank Pavlics on Bell Rd., left a file in my root's canal, either as a sloppy lazy job, or to be funny and that file, in conjunction with leaving a portion of the nerve still there, caused a rather old and long lasting infection and my body encapsulated it, under the crown that repeatedly kept falling off. I never knew what a poor dentist Frank was, but stopped going to him after he relieved me of thousands of dollars in inadequate dental work and his personality was the real reason I couldn't continue to see him. He was just too obnoxious, but that's my personal opinion. You might like sitting in his chair with him leaning in on you offering repeated insults. I often just closed my eyes and pictured myself just knocking him to the ground and whaling on him, but did nothing.

So for now it's another round of antibiotics and Lloyd is going to call me in 5 days for the final installation, but tells me he's not going to use a permanent glue for now, just in case it has to come off again. He suggested I sue my former dentist for mal-practice, but I've been down that road before. When I was leaving I asked Lloyd about Lippy Jim's one day service for root canal and crown and said he knows about that and we're about 5 years away from that being successful. We'd better not tell Lippy Jim!

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Jules said...

The CEREC dental crown is all done in one convenient visit.

Your dentist is a hack job.

Do you need more applesauce??