Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Chance Meeting...

I ran into an old girlfriend of mine, an entrepreneur of sorts. She's on the verge of opening a new business and asked me if I'd play Guinea pig for her. We were at a grocery store when this chance meeting took place. If you know anything at all about me, grocery shopping and having your finger nail pulled out with a pliers fell under the same category. Her new business involves buying groceries for people, (she immediately had my attention) cooking it up into meals and packaging it for heating or storage. She made me an offer that I couldn't refuse. She said that if I pay for the groceries and she'll pick them out, she'll cook the food and present it to me in the ready to eat condition. I signed on the bottom line. While she was shopping her little heart out, I heard an announcement over the PA system that said, "FLU SHOTS $12."

When I arrived at the pharmacy section of Fry's, I was expecting a stampede, but was the only one there to get a shot. A pleasant young lady approached me and asked if she could assist me and I replied, "I'm here for the $10 flu shot"... She quizzically looked at me and said, "You mean the $12 flu shot?" I replied, that this was my beginning to my negotiation! She laughed and took my vital information. She asked me if I were allergic to anything and I replied, "Yes, Black Tar Heroine". She was laughing pretty good by the time she stuck me with the jagged, rusty needle! She informed me that I may experience a little stiffness from the shot, as she injected it into my muscle. About an hour later, as my useless arm hung swinging freely from my shoulder, I wondered if she did it on purpose, since I was such a smart ass? That sucker was SORE!

I met my friend at the check-out section and charged $118 on my card. She went home with my groceries and I went home with a sore arm, wondering if I'd ever hear from my lost groceries and my friend again. I'll keep you posted!

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Anonymous said...

You handsome Devil, you. Who is this amazing cooking woman?

Which brings to mind a question. When does good food trump good sex?