Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Bad News from Chase Bank...

I just got an urgent email from Chase Bank. Sure, when they want to talk to me, I respond. Well they caught my attention by asking if I had authorized a charge to Conn Ed in Michigan for $1394.10, because sure as hell there is one! (I kind of put that in my own words) I put down the Blackberry and went to the computer, as this was going to require a full 17" of viewing space. Yep, it was really from Chase Bank and not some hoax, just trying to get my account information. I clicked on "unauthorized" and that opened an emergency screen. I felt a little like James Bond. It told me to re-click and verify that the charge to the Michigan electric company was bogus and that a representative from Chase Bank would call me in a few minutes to discuss the issue. I clicked and waited, but not for too long, when my cell started playing it's song. I answered, hello. Pretty unique, huh? No one was there, so I realized it was a voice activated recording calling me. It was. It informed to hold for a representative, I did. Here was the bottom line. She asked me what the last thing I bought with the credit card was. A million things went through my mind. Should I tell them that I bought a TV at Walmart or should I let them think the thief bought it? I panicked and blurted out, I BOUGHT A TV! She calmed me down and asked if it was at Walmart? I told her it was. I confessed. Realizing my career as a crook was over when I couldn't even lie to a stranger on the phone, I told her about the Prilosec I'd bought there as well.

She then told me to destroy my credit card and the account was cancelled, due to fraud. I told her that I'd just authorized AT&T to charge my monthly cell phone bill to it and she assured me that it was my problem, but did suggest I contact them. She said they would send me a new credit card in 5 to 10 days and to listen to the message after she hangs up.

By the way, this is the same bank that fell so pathetically short when it came to protecting me from the crooked dentist. They sure are managing to cover their own asses though. That's what I get for shopping at Walmart!

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