Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ralph Lloyd Juriansz--Dishonest Dentist

I just got a call from the Arizona Board of Dentistry. First she confirmed that I was indeed who she was calling then progressed to giving me the follow up information concerning my complaint against a Ralph Lloyd Juriansz. The Board found in my favor and some monies in restitution have been found due to me in settlement, however I did not attend the hearing and didn't supply the amount of money that I am inconvenienced by the entire fiasco. However she added a caveat. The caveat was that the good dentist in question took the high road and split. His office in Scottsdale is closed and his residence has been abandoned. Basically he has disappeared into thin air. What the kind lady was telling me was, I can pursue this action and win, however the point is moot because they cannot find dishonest dentist to collect from and he has taken the high road, along with my $3500.

So this story will go down in the archives as one of those "would have, should have" things that clearly explain why you should research every professional that you deal with, but I know going forward that I will probably not do anything differently, but that just me. I'm just sayin'....

*Footnote- I just knew something was amiss when the Chase Bank reversed their decision in my dispute for the $3500. I suspect they realized that "dishonest dentist" was long gone and came after me to collect.


Anonymous said...

Be honested, maybe you were the dishonest one!!!You got the services from the dentist and then reversed charges on your credit card. . .God knows and see all things.

Things I Left Behind said...

Alas, the Dishonest Dentist finally surfaces. (and with a split personality, no less) The administrator of the blog would not permit your second comment seeing it came from the same ISP number. You know what you did to me and it turns out, several other innocent patients. It seems to be part of your psychosis to seek vindication. "God knows and sees all things" is why you're out of business!

Things I've Left Behind (Mel)

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Anonymous said...

I see Lloyd is in the mental health business now on Facebook?! You complain a lot but it's all warranted ha ha.

Things I Left Behind said...

Dear Anonymous:
I see you obviously know him!
Mel Fisher

Anonymous said...

Mel...on Lloyd's Board complaint (one of many over the years) which I believe is yours it says your cc charges were reversed for $3500+. Did you contact the Board and say no it wasn't? Why don't you sue him in civil court or something. I believe he's open for business. You don't seem shy and like a challenge. Can you believe he has an active dental license again and is practicing as a...something in mental health?! Wtf. I wonder how many other dentists, drs, etc. are screwy and we don't know it. A lot!

Dr. Juriansz is VERY smart don't kid yourself. But he's a shitty dentist don't know why because he went to a great school and he's had to pass more than a few tests. Is it just laziness...wanting to make $$? by doing work that shouldn't be done, I don't really know. He's an expert manipulator though and has even out manipulated the Dental Board (many times).