Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It Finally Came Today!!!

In 1996, I married a woman. A very charming lady that loved me as much as I loved her. Or so it seemed. When you join lives, certain things become obvious that otherwise would not be noticed. The thing that I noticed was that she literally had no friends. It wasn't because she wasn't a pleasant lady, she was. People liked her when they met her, but she didn't embrace their closeness and otherwise gave them the "deep freeze". I never understood this, but since she was warm and inviting to me, it really didn't effect me. She and her 2 sisters were bound at the hips, along with Mom who developed a 4 times a day calling habit, but only on days she wasn't with Mom, which was way too much for a newlywed.

When it came time to invite people for our wedding, she was at a loss, but filled in with people that worked for the same company that she had worked for, so most of our guests came from out of town. Basically, my friends and family were there and the rest were virtually strangers to both of us. They came from California in a big group, mostly travelling together and when the nuptials were, over they all split.

We lived our lives and about 5 years later, almost to the day, she advised me that she wasn't happy and 12 days later she was gone, lock, stock and barrel. With the exception of a 5 minute conversation initiated by me about 4 years ago, we never spoke and were never in touch................ever.

Getting back to the group that came for the wedding.. The same group of people started sending Christmas cards and as time went by, slowly but surely the number of cards from these strangers stopped. At this point I have been divorced from the lovely lady for 9 years and still, to this day and I mean today, I got the Christmas card that still shows up every year. Now what am I supposed to do? Notify them that the recipient of their card and myself are no longer known to each other or just hope that one day the cards will stop? Last year I almost wrote them a note, but stopped when I realized how awkward it felt. Is there some pride attached to having a long Christmas Card List and these total strangers don't want their list lowered by even one? Or are they waiting for me to return their wedding gift to get their attention? Anyway, if anyone out there happens to know the Edingtons, please tell them to cool it! Thanks...


Anonymous said...

You could cross out your names on the envelope with a black felt tip, insert a couple question marks next to your crossed out names and write "return to sender" in big, bold letters. Maybe they'll get the message.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you write them and get the name of their dentist? They have great teeth! NMS