Friday, December 3, 2010

Grey Hair is Good on Schnauzers and Men...

A 53 year old woman named Veronica, made me a "favorite" on one of the dating services and I remained there for about a month, not responding because her gray hair was such a "turn off" to me. Eventually bored one night, I wrote her a cute little note, explaining that I was busy doing brain surgery, when a courier entered the operating room with an important note for me. It said that Veronica had made me a "favorite" and it required my immediate attention. She responded with some "small talk" and it was then that I slyly inquired as to why she didn't color her hair. In her note, she also inquired as to what scared me, thus the response, Kryptonite. I also told her that I lived quite a distance from her in Phoenix.

Her email was so confusing to me that I have just kept it, without replying simply because I don't have a clue as to what she's asking.

Hmmmm. I know that there is no such thing as coincidence or accidents. At least that's what I believe to be true. So when I read "Kryptonite" I immediately understood that not only does this guy "get me" but that this guy "really gets me". I've been accused of being somewhat similar to this material. "Force of nature" might be a less toxic quality. Hence my response, "oops". Another one bites the dust. Then, I see your email on my computer this morning. I must confess. You are my first correspondence this time around and I thought, "Oh, no, here we go again." I'm sorry. I shamefully admitted in my profile...this scene is just grueling. This is WORK. Plain and simple. But, I digress. My dear, there are several miles spanning the globe from the San Tan and Denver. Phoenix? Do people really live there? You're my first known. And no, my place of employment is approximately 5 miles from my home.
Mel, you are correct. The real connection occurs beyond this scene. But the only way out is through so on a certain level we need to entertain this form of connection. Fact finding. Red Flag Searching. Resonance. Vibrational and Frequency Similarities. And more.
I chose to discontinue coloring my hair about ten years ago. I come from a long line of Irish whose hair is prematurely grey (mine at 18 years of age). I saw a photograph of a young model with white hair and brought it to my colorist and she said, yes, my hair was that white. I decided at that moment to never again color it. By far, the most courageous decision I've ever made. My sisters counseled me to reconsider..."men don't like women with grey hair, you know". It's okay I replied. If a man desires me or not because of the color of my hair, I'm in trouble.
For this message, let me just summarize a bit. I'm certainly not the one most men desire and are looking for on this site. That I know without doubt. Ironically, I have no drama or any of the sorts of things men write that they despise. But I do come with a unique set of qualities unlike many women here.
Please share yours.

Now here is my opinion of grey hair on women. It gives me the impression that they have given up. That they are no longer players in the game of romance. It is a major turn off to me and portrays the grandmother look. If that's the role that they want to play in life then fine, but to try the arena of romance with grey hair is just wrong. Well that ought to generate some comments!


Jamie said...

Grey hair, mud boots, sweat pants and no makeup would make what you said right. However, this photo is of a woman that is quite beautiful. She apparently takes care of herself...she has a beautiful smile and a unique writing style. I think it is your loss. But you cannot change what you are or are not attracted to. If grey hair bothers you, then she can't be the right one for you.

Happy weekend, Mel. :)

Anonymous said...

Right on, Jamie! I couldn't have said it better myself.

Anonymous said...

You keep picking women apart, it's almost as if you want/have to reject them before they do it to you! She seems to be a keeper to me. She is beautiful, strong, well educated, knows herself better than most men or women, all of that came across in one, brief email. Your loss, honey. NMS

Anonymous said...

Yeah Mel, I have to agree with the others in this. I think she is extremely attractive. As she said, if a man is or isn't interested because of her hair color...good for her!!! She actually looks far from matronly or grandmotherly. I think if you were out with her you would get compliments on being with such a classy lady. Her writing WAS a bit hard to follow, I agree...but, overall you misjudged this one. And, I hate to point this out, but you aren't exactly a Spring Chicken. Ouch! I am brave enough to sign this...Deb A. in Indiana

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel,

I think this woman looks gorgeous! Publishing her private email on your blog shows a lack of taste and sensitiveness. What if women would do the same with your emails? I can't imagine you would appreciate that.

Best regards