Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty...

Everyday, when I walk to the mailbox, a tan cat comes out from under a Chevy Suburban and says hello to me. He or she may live under that car when it's parked there. Occasionally, he or she is in my backyard and recently has started coming in and checking things out. I don't push myself on this cat, as he or she is as elusive as any cat I've ever known, so we seem to have this understanding between the two of us. Let's call her she, since that's exactly how she acts. She acts like every woman I've ever been interested in, evasive and elusive and hard to get. Being rather experienced at this game, I don't want to rush into anything. I just leave her alone to roam around my digs and feel comfortable.

Today I was in my recliner watching "The View", when suddenly tan cat jumps up on my lap and I realize we have crossed a new barrier. She lays on my lap and purrs as I stroke her. Then she rolls over on her back and wants to play, as I scratch her belly. She play-bites me and play-claws me. Then without warning she started using her claws in a rather painful and damaging fashion and I realized this cat doesn't really know the rules. Now bleeding from my wrist and a few places on my upper arms. I kind of insist Kitty gets the hell off of me. I now know Kitty isn't really house broken, thus the Chevy Suburban. I decide to wash a few dishes that are in the sink and Kitty jumps up on the counter and watches me. Again now without warning, she goes airborne and leaps over the double sink to the other side where there are more interesting things to explore. Frankly, I thought that was way cool! Washing my dishes, I kept a corner of one eye on Kitty who was now walking across the stove, confirming no indoor experience.

Luring the Kitty outside, I took my garbage down to the road and swiftly re-entered my yard alone, quickly closing the gate behind me. About 5 minutes later, Kitty was stretching out on my patio sunbathing. I think I'll keep Kitty as an outside friend.

While consuming a cheeseburger for lunch, I couldn't help but notice my big double temporary crown was in the chewed up burger about to be swallowed, when I took it out of my mouth wondering what to do next in my attempt to have chewing teeth. I suspect a new dentist is in my immediate future................again. You can bet I'll check him out BEFORE I use him this time.

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