Friday, December 10, 2010

Why is Qwest still in Business?

It seems that the only way I get my problems with Qwest resolved is to advertise on this blog, about how inefficient they are. I'm a relatively new customer with them, but won't be when I move, hopefully. I don't recall ever having been treated this poorly in past business with similar companies. Cox padded my bill repeatedly, but as long as you police it, they stop. Qwest is just plain dumb! They must not pay very well, because the people working for them haven't been able to figure out the internal workings of their own system. I've dealt with numerous employees of Qwest that were never able to help me in the least, but each and every one of them concluded that problems were solved, only for them to appear blatantly the following month. Here's the deal, Lucille! Every month I get about 2 bills from them. This in itself is wrong, but I pay each one. Sometimes, it's a credit for about 40 bucks and others are a bill for about $50 to $80. I pay them the day that I receive them. Once, I got a bill that said -$40 and paid it thinking it was a bill, but it was a credit. I never got a refund, just more credits, along with more bills.

Yesterday, I got a bill for $69.23 and it was with a different account number that I'd never seen. Now if I pay every bill the day that it comes, how can this be my past due bill? The bill said it was painfully in arrears and if I didn't pay it immediately it would impact my credit adversely, plus they were going to disconnect my service! Oh shit! I called the number on the bill and they said my account was perfect, but they were Direct TV. They gave me the number of Qwest and I talked to about 3 more reps, none of which were the correct department, but still wanted to hear it all. Then they would connect me to another useless employee in another wrong department, until I finally got Jason. Jason would not connect me with a supervisor, in spite of me being on my knees begging, without hearing the entire story once again. After which, he put me on forever "hold", you know the one where they play their brainwashing into your ear, over and over again. Finally Jason comes back and begs my patience again and goes for lunch, I think, because that time he was gone forever and a day! When he came back, I begged for a return call while he does his magic and he agrees and says he'll call me back before 5 PM, but never said which day, because he sure as hell didn't call me back yesterday or today. Then today, Qwest has the nerve to send me a questionnaire asking how Jason did on my phone call yesterday. Jason must have been someones nephew that was higher but got what he deserved, a horrible report from me, because that's exactly the service that I got. Good Day Madam, I said Good Day!


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Talk To Qwest here, saw your post and would like to help. Please email me your account info and good number to reach you and we will get this all sorted out.

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