Thursday, December 9, 2010

Out All Night Again...

After a wonderful evening out last night, I drove home on the 101 without having to worry about cops and not worrying about having a hangover this morning and being able to think clearly about the evenings offerings, I don't regret giving up drinking one bit! That's one battle I've won!

The evening started out with me bringing my vacuum cleaner over to the Lovely Jules' home and we headed out to the neighborhood open air market that takes place in the shopping center that Tutti Santi's is in. So naturally after shopping a tad, not me, but Jules, we settled onto their charming patio for a glass of wine. Again, not me, but Jules. I enjoyed a Diet Coke and the environment along with the company. Since there were not another paying customer in the entire restaurant, we had enough service to choke a horse. An army of wait staff brought us menus and water and rolls and butter and I think we felt bad not ordering dinner, so we did. We decided to share one entree, as neither of us were hungry enough to eat an entire meal. The waiter asked if we wanted to split the food ourselves or if we wanted it done in the kitchen, but it was $3.95 more if they did it? Jules yelled, "hell no, not for four bucks!" (I hid under the table). When the laughter stopped we started again, just for general attitude. Our entree came and we split it right at the table, it was wonderful as would be expected for $23.95 for dead chicken. Julie still suffering from a gimp wrist, I did most of the carving. We ate, we laughed, we enjoyed the evening. When I returned from a rest room visit and a short talk with Matao, the owner's son, I found Jules entertaining an elderly gentleman, even older than I. They were discussing her camera that goes everywhere she goes and he was nice enough to take some pictures, as shown on this post. She was pretty busy duruing the time I was in the restroom, as she also, unknown to me, paid the entire check! That NEVER happens to me! So it appears that the Lovely Jules was extra Lovely last night!

When I was leaving I thought to take her old vacuum cleaner with me as they are seldom broken, just clogged up. This afternoon I took her vacuum apart to find enough dog hair to make at the very least a puppy, out of. I no sooner got it all put back together and my friendly neighborhood kitty came visiting, she must have smelled dog. I kind of lost track of kitty as I was assembling the vacuum, but found her all cuddled up in a spare bedroom in a bed that she asked if could be hers. I approved and that is where kitty is right now. In her room all cuddled up in her new bed, as displayed here.

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