Friday, December 24, 2010

I Wonder if they have for Cats???

Well I just got the "down low" on Braveheart. Yes Braveheart, the cross dressing kitty that won my heart a few days ago. Here I was singing sweet nothings to this little girl, when all the while she/he is a transvestite kitty. Yesterday, he/she spent the entire day with me, cuddled up under my arm as I watched TV, only because he/she was asleep and I didn't want to awaken her/him. Kitty, who I had re-named "Needie", since he/she was so dependent upon me, or so it seemed, at some point got a little too gassy for me and hopped off my lap and went to the door. I got the message! About 2 hours later he/she was back for the evening, only to get that prowling look in his/her eye, so I let Needie out again. At 10:30, I was tucked tightly in bed reading, when Needie was at the sliding door again just howling up a storm, but he/she was getting too dependent upon me, so I let him/her howl and about 3 minutes later he/she was gone.

This morning he/she was back, but I didn't acknowledge "it's" presence, but went about my business. At some point I went out to get my mail this afternoon and saw a young lady coming out of the house two doors down. I stopped her and asked if the tan cat that hangs around the streets were hers? She said, no. but it belongs to one of her roommates, another young girl and she told me her name and that she had had Braveheart for many years, since she were a little girl. So much for Needie being neither a girl or youthful. This cross dressing kitty, female impersonator, is no spring chicken either. Just as I was standing there chatting with this lady, guess who walks up to us, not knowing who to approach first. but Braveheart. He takes one look at the situation and walks calmly away, as only a cat can, and walks into the open garage 3 doors down and enters the house like he owns the place. It turns out that Braveheart sleeps around!

Now that I realize what a two timing cat, Braveheart is, I thought I could just go to the pound and get my own kitty, when suddenly I remembered I don't even want a cat!

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