Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Creation of a Pest...

It wasn't long ago that I was writing about the kitty that has adopted me. Now, just a few shorts days later, I'm writing about the pest that I inherited. He seems to belong to the house I reside in. That, or he has made me his natural victim. What started out as a friend acquaintance, has turned into a annoying habit. Don't misunderstand, there are times when I enjoy his company, but seldom will he just relax and sleep or just hang around. He jumps up on counters, something that I would not allow if he were my cat exclusively, but apparently he's developed some bad habits two doors down, where he really lives and got his training or lack of it. Also, when he's not jumping on top of my counters or even my laptop computer, he's standing in one spot kneading on some sort of leather furniture or my own skin. If I allow him on my lap, his favorite place, I have to cushion him with a blanket between he and I, to prevent too much bleeding. Another of his favorite places to sleep, is a lamp table behind my reclining chair.

At some point, about 4 days ago I ostracized him, forbidding him to come into the house. Yesterday, I was grilling chicken and there was no refusing him. He charged the open door and stood there laughing at me, as I worked the barbecue. So Needie is back and as I write this he is outside of my door singing me a song, but mostly begging to come inside. If suddenly you're reading and a word comes out as "rkfg#%^&ukj", it simply means that Needie is walking across the keyboard!


Jamie said...

I love that you are kind to stray kitties.

Happy Hump Day. :)

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you'd let a wild cat in your home...lowering standards again?