Saturday, January 29, 2011

Moving Day

Moving day brought a warning of an early arrival. The movers insisted upon arriving at 8 AM against my better judgement, but were determined to get me out of bed at the ungodly hour of 7 AM. I haven't seen 7 AM since I was a member of the work force. LJ phoned me promptly at 7, at my request, but I was already in the shower. I called her back and explained that everything was under control (or so I thought). That was about when the movers called to explain they were running late. 8:45 was now the estimated time of arrival. So much for an early start. My previous move went without a hitch, so I was more than pleased to use the same movers, but this duet were not as ambitious as the 2 guys last year.

Vince was the brains of the outfit and his sidekick was a rather plump boy of about 20 years of age, Kevin. I got to know more about Kevin than I ever planned on knowing, but he was one of those kids that wore his pants too low and his butt crack and I got way too familiar. Julie even remarked about it. They were slow, clumsy and not too creative. Vince decided to be the comedian and told me jokes at $75 an hour. Not one brought a legitimate laugh.

The Lovely Jules showed up about 9 AM and went on a donut run. Moving was stressful and it didn't help that the movers left 2 truck loads of my things at the old house when they announced they were ready to go to the storage locker, our first stop. I should have checked. They unloaded and once again Vince took the lead and showed Keven how a real mover works, on my ticket! Second stop. Julie's house and by now we were heading towards 2 PM. More unloading and more confusion. It was like trying to fit 20 LB of sand in a 10 LB bag. Kevin the klutz unloaded all of my clothes onto the pool table and the picture I took gives you a general idea of what it's like around here. My job tomorrow is to attempt to put all of those clothes into 2 little closets. I guess I'll be visiting Goodwill with a rather large donation.

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