Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17th Again...

Well, it's Martin Luther King Day again and it's the day that every year I bore you with, in 1991 I had my first hair transplant, on this day and in 1987 I married my second wife, and on this day and in 1988 I gave up my most awful habit of all, smoking the dreaded cigarettes!

As I write this, that rotten cat is asleep in my favorite chair. I just threw him out once and he clawed me, but when I opened the garage to do some work on my car, he sneaked back in. Oh well, when I move, he's definitely not getting the new address!

Here is why I felt so compelled to write today, this holiday of sorts. Yesterday, I borrowed the truck of the Lovely Jules to move some things to the storage locker and also some of my garage belonging to Julie's garage. She made room for me. She helped me unload the truck and I marveled at her agility for a woman her age, as she jumped off the bed of the truck, not even interrupting her sentence. Wow!

I mention that I didn't know what to do with my beloved patio set, that I've had for so many years. I believe her exact words were, "put that piece of shit on Craig's List for FREE!" It appeared that I was the only one that loved that piece of shit!

So today, in addition to putting it online for FREE, I advertised my two or three other bedroom sets on Craig's List. The ones that I put online for money went on easily, but every time I tried to put the patio set on for free, it wouldn't accept it and would just erase my efforts. On the 5th try, I was about to just give up, figuring it was a sign from God, it accepted it... I turned off the computer, and headed to the restroom, but never got there. My phone rang. It was a woman that lived about 6 blocks away that said she had a truck and the desire for my patio set, as well as a strong husband. Before I could say, come and get it, the phone beeped indicating a new call. I excused myself and it was another taker and before I was able to give the first lady my address, there were 5 more calls! When I finally listened to all of the voicemails, there were 7 to deal with and my phone kept beeping. Within 10 minutes, lady number one arrived with a truck and a huge husband. He lifted the glass top and hoisted it over his head and we all carried out the remainder of the set, as my phone continually sang it's song. I turned it off for the first time ever! After the first couple left with my patio set in tow, I cancelled the ad and listened and deleted the 15 or 20 messages. I also got one call about a bedroom set, she's going to call me back after work..........maybe!

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