Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stop Thief !.!.!

If you're a lion tamer or a shark wrestler, chances are my day wasn't terribly interesting to you, but to me it was ............different. My plan was to get a new battery for my Toyota, as that's the car that LJ is most comfortable driving when I borrow her truck, which she has been gracious enough to loan me on a regular basis for my move. The battery in the Toyota is not really acting up, but it just doesn't seem perfect when you go to start it and I suspect that it's time is about up and I'd hate for it to crap out when LJ is using it.

So I headed over to Costco, remembering that the battery for my Corvette was only $54, so the battery for a Toyota ought to be about free! Well, a couple of years has passed since I'd bought the Corvette battery and I was surprised to see that the price for their number 3 rated battery was 69 smackeroos! But it wasn't all that easy. If you know the layout of Costco, you know that the batteries are way at the back of the store, just before the bakery section. When I got there, they were gone! All, just gone. With a puzzled look on my face, I approached an employee and inquired and he said they put them in the Tire Store up front. Naturally, only about 2 blocks away! As I trudge on forward to the front of the store, I realize that the tire section is in the very entrance to the store and it isn't accessible from anywhere but the entrance, which is not available to patrons that are already inside the confines of the store. With 2 loafs of bread in my cart, along with a new book by Nelson DeMille, I approach the woman that checks your membership card to ask permission to walk out of the store, to walk right back in, to go to the Tire Store. With a very serious look on her face I am denied! She explains that she is NOT allowed to permit anyone to do that. I tell her I'm gonna make a run for it and if she wants to, to call 911. With that, I bolted out the door and right back in and looked back at her and said, I warned you! With a rather soiled look on her face, she turned and continued checking membership cards. She'll NEVER mess with the Fish again!

After a rather messy installation, that I won't bore you with, I finally got the mother into the Toyota successfully. I called the Lovely Jules and warned her that I was coming. she told me that she cooked for me a few little things. She greeted me and I carried a few things in and LJ helped. Julie has not stopped eating in about 2 weeks and boasts a 126.9 weight. I suggested that we take our pictures now and a year from now, just to see how we got that way. She made us a couple of chicken and cheese Pinnini sandwiches and we watched a few minutes of a movie, before I made my leave. She handed me a large plastic bag that contained pasta a meatballs, a Caesar salad with home made croutons and dressing, complete with buttered garlic bread and some kind of apple cake that was to die for. I think I'm gonna like living with the Lovely Jules!

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