Sunday, January 30, 2011

Left to my Own Devices...

So here's what happened today. After sleeping an amazing 11 hours, I awakened to the shower making the noise that showers make, when it's not you using the shower. I looked at the time and it was 10 AM, precisely. I brushed my teeth and made a pot of coffee, when Julie came into the kitchen, said good morning and reminded me that I had promised to buy her a nice thank you breakfast. She really did break her neck, helping me orchestrate this move. A couple of eggs over easy was a low price to pay for her expertise.

As promised, we came home and I began the tedious task of making the pool table available for a game of pool. It currently had 35 years of my clothing laying upon it. That's kind of a funny way of describing the pile the movers created, but that's exactly what it was. 35 years of birthdays, and Christmas's and Halloweens and Valentine's Days. Plus tons of stuff I just bought for myself. Most of it hasn't been worn in years. Some were too big and most were too small. They all had to go! Without playing favorites, anything that had a pleat or never looked good or had a stain that wouldn't come out. Some things had never been worn, like the purple dress shirt and tie that some crazy woman gave me one year for my birthday or the tank top I bought once, just to talk to the cashier at a store. Out, you go!

Julie took off to go hiking and left me alone for the afternoon. It was a nice day. I enjoyed the solitude too. At about 12:15 my phone rang, something it hasn't done for a couple of days. It was a guy calling about my roll top desk. I explained that it was indeed still for sale, but I had already moved and it was tucked away in my storage locker. My storage locker turned out to be 5 minutes from where he lived and 15 from me. He was pleased to drive over. I was asking $200 for it and the money sounded good after paying the movers to help me. I arrived at the location right on time and he wasn't there. I called him and he assured me he was 5 minutes away still. Thankfully, he did show up in a 4 wheel drive pick up truck, always a good sign when you're selling furniture. I opened the sliding door and looked inside that mess and audibly announced the F word. The mother was buried deep inside in it's final resting place. Let's call my buyer Buck. Buck said it was not problem and began moving furniture to get to it. It was my 400 LB Oak wall unit that should have burned up in a fire, that gave him the most trouble, but it created desire on his part, to finally free the roll top desk. He did a bunch of hmmming and ummming and finally said, will ya take $150 cuz there's another one just like it for $125 and he actually showed me the ad that he had printed and sure as shit, there was one. Thinking fast, (something I seldom do anymore) I said, I should probably pay YOU a hundred just to take it. (threw him off balance) and I finished with a, $175 will take it though. He reached in his pocket and gave me the cash. (Don't try this at home).

We lifted the desk into his truck and he was gone. When I got back to the house, I looked for Paws to tell him of the sale, but he wanted nothing to do with me and I still had that lump on the pool table to deal with. So it was back to work, when suddenly Paws appeared from his closet where he lives in LJ's bedroom and he searched for her. When he didn't see her, and in spite of the fact that the sliding doors were both wide open, he stood there and peed where he stood, as if to say, I'll show her for leaving me with this jerk! Somehow, I felt like I was in trouble. I've got a lot of splaining to do when Lucy gets home!

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