Monday, January 10, 2011

Who can Tell White from Wong?

A very interesting day took place today. Here's the deal. With my new insurance company, United Health Care, I am required to have a primary care physician, whether or not I want one. This individual's job is to distribute referrals for other doctors that you may indeed need. In my humble case, I need a cardiologist and a kidney specialist. I made an appointment with both of those doctors and each in turn responded by telling me that my referral expired and I needed a new one. I contacted my primary care physician and only to find out that she no longer sees patients and only works out of the hospital. I asked my Kidney specialist for another PCP and he referred me to his friend, a doctor Simon. After much to do, I finally reached Dr. Simon's office to find out he doesn't take my insurance. Back to step one. I called my former PCP's office and asked who they were referring my former doctor's patients to and she replied Dr. Wong. Do I want to make an appointment with Dr. Wong? Yes please, I replied and I need it right away, because my appointment with my cardiologist is on Tuesday, tomorrow. She agreed to make an appointment for today. I met the infamous Dr. Wong today, but I could not help but use the title line to introduce myself. After cracking the office door, a young lady said to me, "May I help you"? I said, yes, I'm here for my appointment, my name is Mel Fisher and I have an appointment with Dr. White. She said, you mean Dr. Wong and I replied, "I NEVER COULD TELL WHITE FROM WONG"!

My entrance was a big success and all but a little fat girl thought it was pretty funny and assured me that I was the first to use that line. The little fat girl scowled at me, because that's what little fat girls do and I entered the inner office. You know, the office that terrible things happen within. After meeting Dr. Wong, a rather slight, youthful man, we chatted and I was out of there in about 20 minutes. He told me I was due for a colonoscopy and I assured him I'd be doing that in the near future, OUCH! He agreed to send out my referrals post haste and we were soooo done!

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