Friday, January 7, 2011

Thank You to Sherry!

I walked out the front door today, something that I seldom do, and just about tripped over a box that was abandoned there by Fed Ex. Who knows how long it's been settled in on the front porch? My mind went whirling back to a conversation I had with a lady I'd been texting with a few days ago. I was complaining to a lady in the Chicago area about how freezing cold it was here in the "Valley of the Sun". Naturally I was exaggerating the cold, seeing as it was almost below zero there, when we spoke. Our weather threatened to drop to the 40's.

I tore open the box and sure enough it was from her, and along with it was a note explaining that they were out of long johns everywhere but perhaps this sweatshirt might keep me nice and toasty and there was this beautiful navy blue, Izod sweatshirt in a fashion style. What do I say? Well, thank you to Sherry, for worrying about this old man freezing to death in our scary cold weather.

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