Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Moving Eve...

On this eve of the day before moving, I realize that I've married women with less forethought than I've given this move. Is it my age or position in life that concerns me, or the fact that I'm stressing over selling and giving away half or better of my possessions. When a marriage breaks up, you lose half of your things. I'm losing my stuff up front and getting a Costco wife and I'm pretty sure that's not the same! I've been living alone for about 9 years now and living with the Lovely Jules is likely to shake things up a bit. That won't be a bad thing. So we both go forward, stressing the way that people that are used to having their own way do, but everything is going to be just fine because frankly, it just feels right.

As I picked up my ironing board and put it into LJ's truck that I've had all week, I knew she'd say something about her already having one, but what was I supposed to do with mine? When I got there, LJ helped me unload and when she got to the ironing board, she did just what I expected, almost word for word. I just explained it was for the garage sale! It will be fine, you'll see!

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Cheryl said...

I think it will be comforting for you and Jules to be together. You'll find your normal. And you'll both be less lonely. If you are lonely, that is. It's just good to have a friend.