Saturday, April 11, 2009

Crock Pot Cooking...

So it's a little after 8 and I started cooking this shit at about 4:30. I'm starving, can you tell? Some wife from the past left this crock pot here and I've been moving it around for several years. It's not really big enough to make anything like pasta sauce in and it looks brand new, so I feel bad about throwing it away. Today, around 4 PM, I started feeling hungry and after grilling a burger for lunch, I felt kind of silly lighting the grill yet a second time for the day, so I defrosted a steak, a New York strip and decided to use the celery stalks I bought last month, along with the carrots, potatoes and onions and make beef stew. I've never made beef stew before, but it's something cowboys eat on the trail, so I figured how hard could it be?

So I cut up all of the veggies and tossed the steak in there, knowing full well I was literally abusing a good steak, but variety being the spice of life, what the hell? I'd say I started checking at about 5 PM to see if it was stew yet. It was still cut up vegetables with a steak in cold water, hmm.... By 6 PM it was starting to warm up and at 8 PM, it doesn't look like I'm going to be eating any time soon.

Conclusion: This contraption is rightfully named, a CROCK!

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