Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Night of Gaming...

So I'm sitting home watching American Idol, what else is new? Right in the middle of the elimination show, when anxiety is running highest, suddenly out of no where, they start bringing old people singing old songs, off key and making me feel that twinge of embarrassment you feel for someone not as fortunate at you. They brought out some old African-American women that I was worried might fall and break a hip, while singing the songs that they made popular back in the 70's where they belonged. It was pathetic. Then, I think it was Spanky and the Sunshine Boys that finished the 4 song disaster and once again I was embarrassed for him. He was old, balding, overweight and off key. He moved like a whale that had been beached all week and when he clapped his hands, he missed once.

After Anoop was disqualified, and I really thought that kid was good, I wandered into the room that the builder advertised many years ago, as my "BONUS" room, to see what could be picked up or cleaned. There is this rather large table in there, that over the years has become a catch all for old things. My old fax machine was on it, a case of Gator-aide that I bought and never liked the flavor of. It was some attempt at orange, but always reminded me of some medicine my mother forced me to take when I was a child. So 23 bottles of the stuff has been sitting there for about 18 months. I moved it into the laundry room, another place I seldom visit. I found the extra toner for my new copy machine that the Lovely Jules bought for me for no reason. I'm such a gigolo! I found piles of blank paper that I must have filed there a few years ago and some caller ID lists that my old fax machine made for me regardless of me not wanting them. The brush I used for dusting and deposited there back in the 90's, along with some rags and general junk, exposing a framed picture of the Lovely Jules that I must have tossed there in a fit of.............. unrest. With the table top cleared off, I noticed that it had what appeared to be a cover, made of a vinyl or leather of some sort, but it had been on there for so long, it was form fitted to the contour of the table. I peeled of the vinyl cover and this is what I found beneath it!

(Genuine 4 X 8 official sized pool table)

I remember now, I used to play this game before I got the dogs, but after Bogie took a look at those 16 balls rolling around at eye height, he couldn't resist but to grab as many balls as he could and run off with them. That pretty much put an end to my pool playing career. Now that the Dynamic Duo aren't here, I can play pool again. Frankly, I'd much rather have my old friends, the dogs.

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