Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just Twitter...

I stayed up rather late last night, trying unsuccessfully to finish the book I was reading and was abruptly awakened by an annoying ringing of my phone. It was the 800 Service calling me. Just curious as to who they are service to, certainly not me! I didn't bother listening to the recorded message, but instead tried focusing on the clock that was screaming at me, 9 AM! Yikes, I overslept. Overslept for what though? Today's goal is to pick up the car I bid for a Kia dealership last Friday, assuming it's made it through the credit process. In past days, dealers would make a deal and there would be 30 banks waiting to "take" the contract. They'd actually compete for it. Now, there are 5 lonely banks doing you a big favor to cherry pick the finest of the credit worthy. The people with "iffy" credit can no longer get bought. With no message from the dealer saying the trade in was ready to be picked up, I started my day.

Brush my teeth, put on yesterday's jeans and let gravity take me down the stairs, feeling the shock from each step. Turn on the radio, lift the cover to the computer and turn on the coffee that I make the night before. Open the shutters and go to the computer to see who sent what, after I turned in for the night. There was a cute little "youtube" from the Great Dane lady and a message from some woman on the dating service. I read her email and she was 55 years old, rather wide for my taste and a distinct gash down the middle of her head, as if she had been hit by a woodsman's ax. In her email and I really didn't catch the gist of it, she compared herself to the "Girl from Epwenema". I think she was either lost at sea for way too long or she was delusional. This island boy deleted it.

I went out to clip a few palm fronds and was taking a break when I saw the trash truck coming. As I leaned against my next victim of clipping, I watched a rather unusual phenomenon. The garbage truck spilled the contents of my creepy neighbors on the "B" side's garbage and actually stopped, got out and picked up every piece, tossing it all into his truck. Not only did I find out that the moron that lives next door to me that takes it upon himself to cut down my trees, doesn't pack his trash well, but that he wears adult diapers too! But how about the city employee that went above and beyond the call of duty to pick that stuff up? I wanted to give him a standing ovation, but settled for a friendly wave.

Well, I finished my book and found that I only had 6 pages left when I passed out last night. Ya think I would have slept any better having finished last night? I'll never know!

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Anonymous said...

Gash? Woodsmans ax? When did you get so picky?? Maybe she could help you trim trees? As usual, you are totally missing the true purpose of online dating--so that the rest of us can die laughing at your stories of attempted "hook ups". Lower your expectations--or should I say, "look up, in the it a bird, a plane? Nope it's Mel and Hatchet Lady trimming palms together!" Love ya! NMStewart