Friday, April 10, 2009

I Love You, Man...

I stopped going to the movie theaters some time in the late 1970's. Here are my reasons. A lot of total strangers telling their significant others what they thought was going to happen next in the plot. Body noises that people are supposed to do privately. Crowds of people that I don't know, sitting waay too close to me. Strict rules within the theater about smoking and drinking, both of which were my everyday way of life. Primary reason was, I was ALWAYS working. In the very early 1990's, I dated a woman that had a young boy and she wanted me to go with them to see The Santa Claus. Although it was entertaining and pleasant, it still didn't turn me on to movies. I made it all of the way through my third marriage without having to see one single movie, in spite of the time that I was literally dragged to a Scottsdale theater to see Air Force One. By the grace of God, that movie was SOLD OUT leaving me a quick and verifiable excuse. Whew, that was a close one. Today the Lovely Jules asked me if I wanted to go to the movies and I DID! All of the reasons that I had to boycott the theaters were gone. I don't smoke or drink or work and now I'm the one making body noises that should be done privately. As was proven today, more than once I whispered to Jules something pertaining to the film. Now I'm the reason people don't go to the movies.

One thing that I noticed that I really didn't care for was the seating. The seats, in an effort to fit more in the theater, are now set up in a very erect fashion. It reminded me of a recliner in it's erect status. I kept looking for the release on the side until Julie finally thought I was getting fresh. I was!

In general the movie was GREAT. I must have LOLed about 10 different times and even shed a tear when the plot ended in a marriage. I might just be a quart low on Testosterone.

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