Saturday, April 11, 2009

Taking a Chance on LOVE...

It's a rainy overcast day here in beautiful Scottsdale. We enjoy an occasional day like this because we have 364 days of sunshine. Perhaps I've embellished that number, just a tad? It was an indoor day of Internet and phone calls and boring TV on in the background. It was a good opportunity to catch up on laundry and emails owed. So there I am contemplating whether to read for awhile or clean out a closet, when the computer alerted me that there was new mail.

It was an email from a woman on my dating service that didn't have a picture posted. Oh no you don't! I've fallen victim to that in the past and on only one occasion was I ever pleased with who was writing to me and SHE knows who she is (wink) :). The entire bunch of them either drag whithered limbs behind them or are missing one or two important teeth. One lady was a genuine "little person" standing about 4 feet tall. Another had a tear drop tattoo close to her eye, celebrating the murder she was so proud of while in the joint.

Because I was bored and pretty curious, I bantered up and back with this lady for the majority of the morning and early afternoon when I finally got pretty insistent about seeing a picture or going back to doing laundry. This was what she offered for her private showing!

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