Friday, April 17, 2009

It Takes All Kinds...

As I outlined previously, I'm trying to sell a Vespa Motor Scooter for a friend. To me this is no big deal, over the years I've advertised and sold literally thousands of vehicles and mostly to good people that just needed a new "ride". Some had been saving for a long time to get that first used car, others were the victim of a fender bender. Occasionally I'll get a family that's growing and needs a vehicle with a little more room and last there are the people that have had their vehicle stolen. Here is how this particular ad read.
Divorce forces the sale of 2006 Vespa Motor Scooter, $3500, JUDGES ORDERS!
It takes all kinds of people to make up this world, but the gentleman that contacted me regarding this Vespa Motor Scooter will always stand out as the most creative scam artist, scoundrel on record. To my disappointment, he turned out to be a fellow Jew named Abe. I cut and pasted our interaction for your inspection.

Abe: Are you willing to take a low pay on the Vespa as you are likely required to split the proceeds, and then sell me something else for a few bucks?

Mel: I don't understand your question. Could you explain what you want in more detail?

Abe: with 14k miles the thing is worth 2000 to 2500. If you can sell it for that you will pocket 1000 to 1250 assuming the judge orders a 50/50 split on the proceeds of the sale (I may assume too much). If I am wrong disregard this. If you were to sell the scooter for $1000 you would receive 1/2*1000=$500. If you were then to sell a coffee mug, or spare lugnut for $1000, you would end up with 500+1000=1500 in your pocket rather than 1250. the buyer would get a discount to speed the sale. All parties would find an advantage. just a thought. It may be unfeasible.

Mel: I've given a lot of consideration to your "scheme", but in order to make it work for all involved, you're going to have to buy at least 3 coffee mugs! Good luck with your idea...


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