Monday, December 24, 2007

The Eve of Christmas Eve or Christmas Eve, Eve...

The part of the Christmas holiday where you exchange presents came a little early at both the Fisher and Harris households this year, basically because neither of us could wait to see the other's face when we opened our presents. I thought that I had overdone it with Julie's present but when I saw what she got me, I faded into the background.

Remember a few posts ago I mentioned a shopping trip where I couldn't mention what I had gotten the "Lovely Jules", well now that time has passed and I can disclose the gift. I bought her a Coach bag. Truly, I have no idea why these ladies get so excited over them, it's honestly a phenomenon to me, but they sure love them. Julie kissed me 7 separate times and the look on her face of appreciation was genuine and real! Go figure....

Here's how it played out. I went shopping to the mall a few days ago and entered the mall through Dillard's and saw their display of Coach bags. To my amazement they were all on sale. That, in and of itself confused me. Then, I thought they were supposed to be in the $1000 to $1500 range and I was pleasantly surprised to see prices around $200. Then a little internal warning sign popped up in my head reminding me of Dillard's poor return policy and I quickly moved on looking for Macy's. I found the Coach counter without a problem and a nice Hispanic lady asked if she could help me and I respond that someone ought to, I needed it. I told her I was looking for a Coach bag for a gift and watched her eyes light up. She must have been on commission. The bags at Macy's weren't on sale, but they looked different. Dillard's must have had last years inventory or something. The bags here were more in the $300 range, but that was okay since I had been planning on spending a lot more to even get one.

Having a background in sales, it's always easy for me to read a persons inner meaning. I try not to listen to what they are saying, compared to what the point is that is being portrayed by body language and falsehoods. I watched as this lady tried a little too hard to sell me a black Coach bag that was about $200 less than the one that was current merchandise. To confirm my suspicions, I grabbed a 30 something housewife looking customer that poked her nose in at my counter to ask a question. I asked if she were receiving a Coach bag, would she like the black sale bag or the patchwork brown one? She really thought long and hard and for a second I thought I was going to have to call in a judge to break the tie she was creating. Then she asked me who it was for. I told her it was for my girlfriend. Then she asked how old she was and I replied a young 48. She pointed to the brown patchwork one and I told the saleslady that I'd take it, right then and there. No procrastination. It was a lot more money, but this was not a time to be frugal. There is plenty of time for frugality when I'm shopping for gas or groceries, NOT for my Lovely Jules!

I hid my patchwork Coach bag in my trunk and went to meet Julie at Papadeaux for lunch and wondered if I should buy a separate insurance policy for it. I spent more on that bag than I did on my second wife's engagement ring... I took it home and waited for last night when Julie said to come over and get my white down comforter that she had bought me. I think it was just a ploy to get me over there so we could exchange gifts a little early. It worked!

When I arrived the Lovely Jules house she was hidden in her secret room with candles lit, iPod attached to her ears and busily writing in her journal. I stood in front of her for a full minute and she didn't look up until I crossed her field of vision and she jumped up in shock and freight. She always does that, I'm getting to like it.

I brought the Coach bag with me and had it in my hand, but wrapped.. We agreed to open presents and Julie was acting like a child, all excited... She had already given me a shirt that she'd bought and had my house key in the pocket and in addition to that, she had the white down comforter, massage chair, a journal for me to write in, a dictionary and a thesauruses and another book to expand my vocabulary. In the journal she had written a beautiful message and I couldn't have asked for more. That's when she opened her computer ands showed me an invoice for a Dell notebook computer that she had built and ordered for me, that will arrive in a few days. Holy Moley, she spent more on me than I put down on my first house!

By this time, it was after 11 PM and we put Pawpaw to bed and headed over to my house to install and try out the new comforter. It worked great and the Dynamic Duo really enjoyed the old raunchy one too. They fought over who was going to sleep on it. Bogie won!

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