Friday, December 14, 2007

In the Wee Wee Hours of the Morning...

Is it only me that realizes how slowly times passes in the middle of the night when you can't sleep and you're watching the clock tick away? Just for the record, clocks haven't ticked in a very long time either, yet there I am using an old description, once again showing my age. I hit the sack around 12 and laid there for exactly 2 hours, one hour on each side. I think I'm done! Now the question presents itself, do I continue to try to sleep or just go ahead with Friday, admitting that I got up rather early. Either way, I think I'm gonna hate Friday!
Well, that Benadryl must have worked because I did go back to bed and the first thing I knew it was 8 AM and 4 hours of sleep is better than none. I did get kind of weak around 3:30 Am and sent a note off to Julie, but don't worry, she didn't respond. I never did tell anyone what happened between she and I, but since she seems to be out of my life permanently, let the truth be known. It was her toes! I believe I mentioned that she had talented toes, (TT) and it seems that I had a dream that her toes were chasing me down the street with a 38 police special dangling from the pinkie, threatening to go off at any moment. I awakened in a cold sweat and had to break it off after she just flat out told me that she would NOT go to a podiatrist. Well, I had no choice and it was over!
I just came back from Costco. Just in case any of my readers are single and might be interested, I am a card carrying member of Costco and I have the GOLD membership. As I was saying, I just returned from Costco where the vast majority of the people were checking out with their Poinsettias. I'm guessing I'll be alone for Christmas, but that doesn't seem to bother me much. I'm used to it. Ever since moving to AZ, Christmas' have been pretty lonely and there's nothing worse than going to a charity invitation. You know the kind. It's when people find out that you'll be alone and you get invited to their families home.. As soon as you're out of ear shot, some distant uncle wants to know who you are and why you're there. Alone is better than that.
I joined a new dating service, it seems. It's free and I never did really join. Someone who responded to my ad on Craig's List referred me to their ad on this dating service and in order to access it, I had to give them my email address and choose a password. Well, as soon as I did, I started getting emails immediately, like 6 in 5 minutes and about 20 more after that. It was almost like it was feeding time at a stocked fishing pond. Those poor fish were starving! Okay, the funniest part is, no one is a paying member there and no one can respond to anyone else without paying and no one's paying! You can tell who's a paying member there and it's only the fat chicks that have to pay in order to get emails. All of these non-paying members are writing to each other and never getting responses because they're all too cheap, myself included! Now, to keep you online a lot, the website notifies you every time someone even clicks on your profile. That's why I'm getting so much mail it turns out.
Remember in my last post I mentioned a woman that responded to my ad and wanted to meet right away? Well, I suggested that we speak on the phone first to see if we had anything in common. Today she emailed me that she would do that, but not without me sending her my picture first. I reminded her that she responded to my ad and it had a picture. She wrote me back...."OH YEAH"! I can see that's going to go far...

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